Kicked Off of Medium!

Well, it finally happened. Today in Politics was kicked off of Medium today. It was probably a long time coming, as I think I was basically the only pro-Republican publication on the site.

For a while now, I had noticed my page views dropping off–probably the past six months plus. And last year, TIP’s follower count was steadily increasing, often by dozens each day. We went from 0 to over 3,500 in less than a year, and since then the number of new follower slowed to a trickle. It then took months to reach the 4,000 mark.

Something was happening. I had a feeling they were throttling me, or shadowbanning, whatever you want to call it. Your site traffic doesn’t just drop off like that for no reason at all. I had tons of momentum and the site was growing like crazy–until, one day, it suddenly slowed to a trickle.

Frankly, I’m happy to be off of Medium. It had to happen eventually. I just never had the time to devote to making my own website from scratch.

But now I have no choice. Fortunately WordPress is an excellent site–I should’ve done this a long time ago, honestly.

Plus, I’m confident WordPress is more committed to free speech than Medium. One of my favorite blogs, Chateau Heartiste, is hosted on WordPress as well. If he hasn’t gotten kicked off of here, I have nothing to worry about at all.

I’m still waiting on word from Medium as to what, exactly, I said that got me kicked off. The initial email didn’t specify, it just said I had violated the rules.


I hope loyal readers of the site are able to find the new one. I’m trying to get the domain name up and running here so that shouldn’t be much of an issue for people who know the URL.

But I worry about the readers who were accessing the site exclusively through Medium, specifically the app. No idea how to get in contact with them and let them know I’ve moved my site here since I can’t post anything on Medium anymore.

I recommend following my Twitter page, @todayinpol. That’s the back-up for if anything ever happens to the site, but I also tweet from it all day long.


  1. authentic8 says:

    I found you here since I noticed the Medium notification links were being redirected to the Medium home page – not even a courtesy note to say your account was deleted. I assumed that was what happened, though, because another conservative I followed on Medium had also been deleted for no reason.

    It was a little struggle to find you here because the WordPress site isn’t ranked very high in the engines yet. I just remembered “Today in Politics” was your account name on Twitter.

    I think you’d get a good amount of followers on Steemit and Minds blogs, if you want that. I think it’s easier to build followers there compared to WordPress because of the social elements. They are very good on free speech – as is WordPress – but the latter doesn’t provide much help with building up a following. You could use them all, I suppose.

    1. todayinpol says:

      Thanks for finding me here, I’m glad you were able to. It’s tough because I can’t post anything on Medium to let all the readers know what happened. Once I am able to get the URL moved over here to WordPress it should be a little easier, but then again I’m not sure how many people found the site through the Medium app vs. just Google or typing in the URL.

      I will take a look at Steemit and Minds, definitely looking to build up a good following since I’m basically starting from scratch here. But honestly I feel more liberated than anything being off of Medium.

      Thanks again for taking the effort to track the new site down. Hopefully things will be back to normal in short order.

  2. authentic8 says:

    I have about 4 followers on Medium but I will post a link to this site and your Twitter profile. Maybe the word will get out.

    1. todayinpol says:

      Thanks, I appreciate all the help I can get!

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