Unfortunately, There’s Only One Donald Trump

Want to know why we’ll never be able to drain the Swamp? Because no matter how many Establishment bureaucrats and Obama loyalists Trump fires, he can’t replace them all with himself.

Which is why a Trump-appointed judge ruled in CNN’s favor in its lawsuit to get Jim Acosta’s apparently Constitutionally Guaranteed White House Press Pass back:

“The judge said the government could not say who initially decided to revoke Acosta’s hard pass. The White House had spelled out its reasons for revoking his credentials in a tweet from White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and in a statement after CNN filed its lawsuit. But the judge said those “belated efforts were hardly sufficient to satisfy due process.”

Now Jim Acosta’s right to a press pass is not only covered under the First Amendment but also the Fifth Amendment: you can’t take his press pass away without “due process,” meaning he basically has to commit an actual crime and be convicted by a court of law in order to lose his press pass.

The judge also found that Acosta suffered “irreparable harm,” dismissing the government’s argument that CNN could simply send other reporters to cover the White House in Acosta’s place.

I wish Trump-appointed judges felt as strongly about conservatives who also suffer “irreparable harm” when they are de-platformed by Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and censored all over social media as they do about protecting and boosting Jim Acosta’s career. I guess Liberal Journo Careers Matter, and Conservative Journo Careers don’t.

The suit by CNN alleges that Acosta’s First and Fifth Amendment rights were violated by suspending his hard pass. While the judge didn’t rule on the underlying case, he signaled they were likely to prevail in their claims.”

Nobody has a right to a White House press pass, not even the great Jim Acosta. This is utter nonsense. There is nothing in the Constitution about it.

Where’s my Constitutional right to a White House Press Pass, then? Where’s yours?

How the hell can there be “Constitutional rights” which only apply to “reporters” from liberal news outlets, and not everyone else? Why does Jim Acosta have a Constitutional right to a press pass and someone like, say, Alex Jones doesn’t?

The whole entire point of the Bill of Rights is that they all apply equally to every American. The Bill of Rights is not career-specific. Why do corporate media “reporters” get their own (invented) section of the First Amendment?

I don’t know what’s the worst part of this: that a judge was pressured into issuing a Constitutionally laughable ruling out of pure social pressure from the left, or that Jim Acosta now gets to be the center of attention and claim he was vindicated and some sort of First Amendment Martyr.

The conclusion is this: we will never drain the swamp. Trump cannot win. His advisers and “allies” in Congress give him names to appoint to the courts, and when those people are on the courts, they rule in favor of the swamp and the Establishment that has run this country into the goddamn ground for the past three decades.

I’m not saying Trump is completely surrounded and enveloped by the Swamp, but they are certainly a major presence in his administration and have significant control over his decision-making. The Swamp is simply too vast and its roots too deep to actually be drained.

There is only one Donald Trump.

There are too many posts and vacancies to fill. Maybe there are enough genuine nationalists out there to replace the Clintonites, Bushites, Obamaites and swamp creatures, but the problem is Trump is not being made aware of them, and therefore he cannot appoint them.

The 2016 election was the prologue to the war against the swamp. Once Trump actually got into the White House, that was when the real war began.

And it’s a war our side appears to be losing, too.

What have we gotten so far?

Tax cuts? Sure, they’ve been good for regular Americans, but they were mostly to the benefit of big companies and the rich. I’m not saying that because they were better for the rich and the big businesses that they weren’t good for us, because that’s a leftist way of thinking (i.e. envy). But a tax cut was not what the country needed most after eight years of Obama and nearly a quarter century of Globalist Establishment rule.

  • We still have Obamacare mostly in place, although the individual mandate is gone.
  • We do not have a border wall.
  • Bloomberg says that thanks to sanctuary cities, and sanctuary states, deportations under Trump are slower than they were under Obama.
  • Trump just announced a that crack dealers and other criminals will be let out of prisons and back onto the streets in a futile effort to win over black voters.
  • Trump-appointed judges are inventing Constitutional “rights” that apply only to CNN’s Jim Acosta, while online conservative media is under full-scale assault and censorship by left-wing tech monopolies.
  • And I know Britain is obviously not America, but in 2016 the British people voted for Brexit, yet their leaders have not only not delivered it, but have actively worked to overrule the vote.

It’s not just a matter of having Trump in the White House. The past two years have made it clear just how massive and powerful the swamp truly is. It’s the media, it’s the entertainment industry, it’s academia, it’s the federal judiciary, it’s the bureaucracy, it’s every corporate HR department pushing militant feminism and “multiculturalism.”

Look at the corrupt Democrats who are trying to steal elections we rightfully won in Florida and Georgia. The swamp is massive.

There’s only one Donald Trump. The Presidency is powerful, but it cannot overcome the combined cultural and political might of the swamp.


  1. munched55 says:

    I thought the Heritage Society was doing the recommendations but they need to do a better job vetting. Is there really only one Donald Trump? Judging by the fervor and size of his base, I think not. Keep the faith.

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