The Racist Left is Brainwashing Kids to Hate White People

Kristina Wong is, according to her Wikipedia page, a “comedian” although she just seems really, really angry and hateful, and not at all concerned with making people laugh.

Apparently her latest “comedy” project is a series called “Radical Cram Session” in which she brainwashes little kids to hate white people. I am not kidding. See how much of this you can stomach:

The most chilling part of the video is when a little Asian girl, also adorned like Wong in a communist-style beret, says, “There’s just, like, this thing about white people that makes me be like: *rolls eyes*.”

The little girl has been completely brainwashed.

Leftists like Kristina Wong are raising a whole generation of people like her.

Let me ask this: how does this not lead to anti-white genocide? How does the mass indoctrination of young children to hate people based on their race lead anywhere good for this country?

The little girl was so pleased with herself for her remark, too. She’s rewarded with approval from Grown Ups when she expresses racist sentiments about white people.

This is child abuse. This little girl doesn’t know any better, and this is how predatory, radical adults like Wong encourage he–and millions of little kids just like her–to despise white people.

And of course there’s the obligatory “let’s reverse the roles.” Imagine a little white child says, “There’s just, like, this thing about black people that makes me be like: *rolls eyes*”

The media would be in hysterics for a week, shrieking about the evils of Donald Trump’s Racist America.

Then, if you can possibly stomach the video for its entire duration, about 4 minutes in, Wong asks the kids if they’re familiar with the term “gender non-binary,” and asks if they know anyone that’s gender non-binary. One girl, no older than like 7-8, announces that she’s “gender fluid.”

What the fuck, man.

Kristina Wong’s Wikipedia page says she’s a third generation Chinese American, which is interesting because I’d bet her grandparents, who moved here to flee a brutal communist dictatorship, probably wouldn’t approve of her wearing a communist-style beret and preaching racism.

And imagine if I moved to China and began lecturing people’s kids about how evil Asian people are.

People would call me an ingrate. I’d probably not be well received in my new country. I would deserved to be kicked out, honestly.

But it would also make a horrible person. Only a person completely filled with anger and hatred could do something like this.

What is the point of immigration if we’re letting in people who hate us? No sane country on earth would let this happen. And yet we do.

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    Hello, do you know what satire is?

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