Chipotle Fires Manager Because Some Rando on Twitter Called her a RAAACIST

This tweet got the woman, who is the manager of that Chiptole, fired:

The manager said, “You’ve gotta pay because you never have money.”

Of course, because America’s new national pastime is the never-ending Racism Witch Hunt, the video blew up on social media

This is what happens in America 2018. People see the viral tweet, entirely devoid of context, and immediately fly into SOCIAL JUSTICE OUTRAGE.

America is such a racist country!

Young black men can’t even order from Chipotle without being racially discriminated!


Who got the benefit of the doubt immediately? The random black guy on Twitter. Because we live in a Racist Country or something.

But guess what: it turns out he and his friends have a history of dining and dashing, and at that specific Chipotle location, too. So the manager was perfectly right to be suspicious of them and deny them service.

She knew who they were, the social justice outrage mob on Twitter didn’t.

Someone dug up Ali’s old tweets and, yeah, he’s a piece of shit:

Here’s yet another instance of supposed RACISM that turned out to be not only a hoax but exactly the opposite. If anything, it was these young black men victimizing the store manager (who doesn’t even look white, she seems to be Hispanic) because they knew they would be believed.

Why do so many people in this country want to be Victims Of Racism?

Our media and culture encourage it. There is perhaps no easier ticket to relevance than being a Victim–of Racism, Sexism or what have you. So it’s no wonder we have scumbags like Masud Ali perpetrating hoaxes on a overly-credulous and race-obsessed Media.

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