Nate Silver is a Creepy Little Soy-Fascist

Nate Silver tries hard to position himself as the apolitical, data-driven elections forecasting nerd, but sometimes he lets the mask fall: he’s a leftwing authoritarian through-and-through:

It feels like Facebook has stopped trying. . . 

Trying to do what, exactly, Nate?

Silver is casually saying Facebook has an obligation to bury conservative news sites and limit their reach.

God forbid Facebook allow stories to spread organically and genuinely.

To creepy little We-Know-Best soyboy fascists like Nate Silver, Facebook must ensure conservative ideas don’t spread on its platform.

Leftists like Silver know that, absent their intervention and sabotage, our ideas are popular and will spread far and wide on social media.

Leftists do not believe in a marketplace of ideas.

They do not believe in free speech.

They do not believe in persuasion.

They believe in censorship, suppression and propaganda.

It’s the only way they can win, and they know it.

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