Stop Worshipping the Free Market

I would no sooner trust the future of my country and its people to a bunch of Big Business CEOs than I would to a bunch of politicians in Washington. I don’t want a centrally planned economy but I also don’t want an economy dominated by mega corporations—many of whom have no allegiance to America given their multinational nature.

Ben Shapiro and Tucker debated whether it would be the right course of action to forbid trucking companies from replacing human drivers with self driving trucks. Tucker said absolutely do it. He made the point that he’s a capitalist, but that we shouldn’t treat it as our religion. It is not an infallible system. It is not the solution to everything. It has flaws. Doesn’t mean it’s not the best system we’ve come up with.

But a lot of True Conservatives mistake that phrase—the best system we’ve come up with thus far—to mean totally flawless and impossible to improve in any way.

Big business does not have our back. First of all, most of them are in thrall to the left. They push leftwing social talking points, are run by militant HR gestapos that are outright hostile to white men.

Look at what Heineken puts on its bottles nowadays:

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 9.17.26 AM.png

Second of all, they are out to make money, not better society. Sure, their products improve our lives but the companies themselves are not striving for a better society. They would fire all their workers and replace them with robots in a second if they could.

When NAFTA was passed in 1993, the big companies moved their plants and factories to Mexico and Asia, leaving American workers—entire communities, even whole regions—behind. There have been massive social and cultural consequences for big business pursuing its own interests. Yes, we get cheap shit, but also we get decimated communities and a hollowed our middle class.

What’s the point of cheaper goods when dad’s out of a job and your oldest son can’t get a job so he gets high and drunk all the time?

A pure free market will pursue efficiency, and that ends with a large number of people out of jobs. You cannot simply blindly trust the free market. This is a major deficiency in the Reagan-worshipping Movement Conservatism. The free market is not the answer to everything.

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