MORE PREDICTABLE: Leftists Dishonestly Claim Border Patrol’s Use of Tear Gas is Hitler-style “Gassing”

They all just parrot the exact same shit over and over again:

You’ll start to notice a pattern here:

They’re all on the same page, as usual.


And here’s the particularly noxious Ben Rhodes:


Rhodes’ tweet is particularly rich given the fact that in 2013, the Obama administration, which he was working for at the time, did exactly what the Trump administration is doing today:


Did we hear any hysteria over the Obama Administration GASSING INNOCENT REFUGEES? No. In fact, we didn’t hear jack shit.

There’s a reason they’re all using the phrase “gassing.”

We’ve all heard the phrase “gassing” before. It’s mostly used to describe how Hitler tried to exterminate the Jews–he “gassed them.”

And back in 2003 in an effort to sell the Iraq War, proponents reminded us that Saddam Hussein was an evil man who “gassed the Kurds.”

So it’s no wonder leftists are trying to say Trump is “gassing” the migrant caravan.

It’s really quite something to see them all using the same phrase:


Some of them aren’t just implying THIS IS EXACTLY LIKE HITLER!!!11!! Some are just outright saying it:

To these mendacious pieces of work, there’s no difference between using non-lethal tear gas to disperse rock-throwing invading hordes and using lethal gas to systematically exterminate a race of people detained in death camps.

Keeping up with their dishonesty is a full-time job.

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  1. jn1965 says:

    No matter what is done the Left will have an issue with it. If Trump opened the gates,handed out cookies and milk, then personally drove these “refugees” to the nearest polling place to vote Demoncrat, it still would not be enough. Personally, I agree with Tomi

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