Month: November 2018

The New Left


The old left used to be about the working class and the poor. That was the FDR coalition which persisted for decades.

Now the Democratic Party is about getting lower income minorities to vote for a party that primarily caters to upper class urban white liberals.

PREDICTABLE: Democratic Media Trying to Guilt Nation into Accepting Open Borders with Emotional Image

They did it with the “refugee crisis” in 2015 with the drowned Syrian boy. They tried it earlier this year with the crying migrant girl, as well as the “kids in cages“.

The lefty media consistently tries to guilt you into supporting open borders by waving “heartwrenching” photos of distressed migrants in front of your face.

Now the media has is using the above photo as its latest prop to advocate for abolishing the US border.

And they are all using it:

CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, CBS, NBC.

The supposed “mainstream” media is pure Democratic Party Propaganda.

“Looks like we have to get rid of our borders because of a photo.”

Fuck off. We will not be emotionally blackmailed by the Fake News Media.


Because all illegal immigrants are saints.

And have you noticed that lately, the Dems have just said “fuck it” and are now calling everyone in the caravan “refugees”?

Their 2019 Newspeak dictionary has changed “undocumented immigrant” to simply “refugee” because the term “refugee” evokes sympathy.

Let in the refugees! They’re all fleeing misery and evil! 

Classifying all prospective immigrants as refugees works to the left’s benefit because we have the moral imperative to take in refugees.

Even though the “refugees” were offered asylum in Mexico and said, “Nah, fuck that, we want to go to America to get all that awesome welfare and bang those sexy American chicks.”

Not very refugee-like behavior. It would be like if someone got sick and demanded to be rushed to the hospital, but upon arriving they said, “I don’t like this hospital. I want to go to a different one.”

White Americans: It’s OK to Want to Remain the Majority

So many traditional conservatives–or “Old Right” conservatives, Reagan conservatives–insist that they only oppose illegal immigration. They claim they have no problem with legal migration and in fact want more of it. Here’s an example, James Woods, who I usually like and who seems to really “get it” for the most part:

Making legal immigration easier? Why?

It’s definitely not because more immigrants will benefit the GOP electorally.

Because “Diversity is our strength”? I figured Woods would be too smart to believe that nonsense. But maybe not.

I really think a lot of the pre-Trump Republicans have been trained to take “Diversity is our strength” as an article of faith in our new national religion of secular globalism, or have at least been scared into accepting it by the threat of being called a racist.

My theory is that many Republicans who supported PC globalist candidates like Bush, McCain, Romney and even Reagan (I know he’s the Sacred Cow of all Sacred Cows on the right but the fact is, he signed a massive amnesty bill in 1986 and got no border security in exchange) deluded themselves into believing this “Diversity is our strength” nonsense to rationalize their candidates’ support for open borders.

Of course, the candidates themselves supported open borders and increased immigration simply because their big business donors and allies wanted the cheap labor. There is little else to it from their perspective.

But in order to avoid the cognitive dissonance that would come from supporting GOP candidates who were in favor of the demographic transformation of America from a predominantly White Christian nation into a “diverse” collection of competing and non-assimilating tribes, Republican voters had to come up with some reassuring lie to tell themselves. The truth was too difficult to handle.

It’s really hard to admit that your party’s nominees aren’t actually on your side. The ramifications of that are too depressing to contemplate: either you have to switch parties, which is out of the question, or you have to admit that neither party is actually on your side and the political system is totally corrupt and broken, which is an incredibly bleak reality for people to reckon with.

So in order to keep on pretending they weren’t powerless, in their minds they told themselves that Romney, Bush, McCain and Reagan weren’t actually selling out the country by supporting open borders and amnesty. No, they were just trying to give us more Diversity, which we all know Is Our Strength.

Yes, that’s it! The reason the GOP didn’t offer a serious immigration restrictionist option until Donald Trump (a candidate the party Establishment famously resisted and still resists to this day) was not because the party was in hopelessly thrall to rootless corporations seeking cheap labor, but rather because Diversity Is Our Strength and everyone agrees!

The debate was over, the science was settled, there were no other options available for you to choose from. Candidate A wants more Diversity, and so do Candidates B, C, D, and E. We don’t have the option to vote against Diversity because Diversity is awesome as hell and everyone agrees.

That was what most Republicans told themselves prior to Trump. Because their only options were to delude themselves or abandon the party, which was not feasible.

Another part of the reassuring lie about diversity was that many immigrants would be “natural conservatives.” Or that they’d be voting Republican once they reached the middle class and achieved the American Dream.

We were also assured that it’s a racist conspiracy theory to suggest even one American in the history of this nation has ever had his job taken by an immigrant, or that even one nickel of government welfare has ever gone to an immigrant. And we were also informed that immigrants never ever commit crimes and in fact make us all safer because apparently they’re all more civilized than us barbaric Americans (who immigrants for some reason want to live among.)

But now that Trump has come along, Republicans no longer have to delude themselves about immigration.

So let’s be honest here: what’s the real reason above all else we oppose mass immigration? Because we oppose the demographic transformation of our country.

Yes, I know, we’ll all say illegal immigration is bad because it costs Americans jobs, increases crime, costs the government money in welfare and healthcare, and it’s a pipeline for horrible drugs. Those are all valid reasons.

But what’s the real reason, above all? You know what it is. You’re just afraid to say it because the media will scream RACIST!!! But let’s be honest:

I don’t want to become a minority. You don’t want to become a minority.

White people are not allowed to want to remain the majority in this country. Democrats have them trained to believe they’re Bad People for wanting to remain the majority.

But it’s not wrong, or evil, or racist. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

If it’s racist for us to want to remain the majority, then why isn’t it racist for nonwhites to want to become the majority?

Why isn’t it racist for Dems to deliberately pursue policies that decrease the white population in this country?

Both sides want to be the majority, but only one side is called racist for it. This is entirely by design.

If Republicans were importing immigrants that voted 80% Republican, you can bet your ass Democrats would be howling in objection and demanding a halt to immigration. You and I both know they wouldn’t be biting their tongues out of fear of being called racists.

But for some reason Reagan/Bush Conservatives have trained themselves to not say anything about the fact that the Dems are importing scores of future Dem voters under the guise of a “multicultural” and compassionate immigration policy.

“Wouldn’t want to give anyone the impression that we’re Racists!”

The real reason we want to get tough on immigration is to slow or even stop the demographic transformation of our country. And to do that it takes more than just ending illegal immigration. We have to make demographic preservation a priority of our immigration policy.

That sounds hard to read. You’re wincing and uncomfortable because you’ve been told over and over that That’s Racist. You’ve been trained to believe that whites acting in their own self-interest will lead to another Nazi holocaust. That’s by design.

But understand this: Democrats have made the demographic replacement of white people a priority of their immigration policy.

And they’ve been succeeding, too, because Republicans have offered little to no resistance up to this point because they’re afraid of being called racists.


For virtually all of American history, America was ~85% white, 13% black and 2% other. Then, after Ted Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration reform, the white percentage began shrinking, the black percentage stayed the same and we added categories for Hispanic and Asian, both of which began to grow significantly. Today America is ~62% white, 13% black, 16% Hispanic, 5% Asian and 4% other/mixed.

The demographic transformation ushered in by the 1965 law was deliberate, and it is not racist at all to oppose it. White people are allowed to oppose the Democrats’ deliberate effort to phase them out.

Now, I don’t think Teddy Kennedy initially intended to turn America into a third world hellhole by importing people from third world hellholes. I think his motivation was an overly idealistic, pie-in-the-sky, multiculturalist fantasy. I think back in the 60s, leftists really did believe all that shit about Cultural Enrichment and the Melting Pot, or maybe they just wanted some more foreign cuisine options around town.

I don’t think their initial goal was malicious demographic replacement, and this is because they had no serious reason to seek it in 1965. They had just won the 1964 Presidential election in a landslide and had also won in 1960. They lost in 1956 and 1952, but prior to that they had won five straight elections from 1932 to 1948. The Democratic coalition was strong. I don’t think Dems in 1965 were thinking, “Shit, we’d better import a new electorate or we’re never gonna win again.”

I believe it took them a while to realize that if they were going to win consistently and turn this country into a socialist hellhole (or, in their eyes, a utopia), they’d have to import a new electorate. They probably didn’t realize this until the 1990s when California went permanently blue due to mass Hispanic Immigration. That was when they realized that changing the demographics of this country could one day ensure them a permanent hold on power.

California, believe it or not, was a solidly Republican state for decades prior to 1992. Presidents Reagan and Nixon both hailed from California, and the state voted for the Republican Presidential candidate in every election but one between 1952-1988 (1964).

But now, California has not voted Republican since 1988 and probably never will again, and the reason is immigration. The state has been completely transformed.

Today California’s population is nearly one third foreign born, up from 21.7% in 1990. The state was 19% Hispanic in 1980, today it is over 40%. Hispanics represent the largest racial group in California. It is not a coincidence that over that time, California went from a reliably red state to a deep blue one.

Unless we get a handle on immigration, what has happened in California is what will happen nationwide. When white people became a minority in California, the state became permanently blue. The same will happen to the country at large when white people become a minority sometime in the next 25 years.

I’m not saying end all immigration. I’m saying we should end all illegal immigration and dramatically reform legal immigration by cutting the numbers of legal immigrants and changing the countries of origin away from the “diversity lottery” system.

We need to move away from “diversity” and instead towards cultural fit and merit. We shouldn’t be importing people from, say, Eritrea just because America needs more diversity and representation from every country. There is nothing inherently desirable about having people from a wide array of ethnic and national backgrounds, yet that assumption has been the foundation of our immigration policy since 1965.

We should be importing people who have something to offer and will enrich our country. A surgeon from Denmark will make a much better immigrant than a low-skilled worker from, say, Tajikistan.

Most Europeans have a decent grasp of English. I just came back from Germany and basically everyone speaks English. It was easy for me in Germany and it would be relatively easy for a German in America. We need people who are like this: they will be good linguistic and cultural fits. It’s not that much of a transition from Europe to America, and so Europeans make the best immigrants.

It’s not just “because Europeans are white”, either. There are lots of white people who wouldn’t and don’t make good immigrants, particularly Eastern Europeans.

So Republicans need to make a choice here: are we actually going to do something to try to stop the Democrats from phasing white people out as a racial group?

Or are we going to continue to delude ourselves and ignore it in exchange for the hope of not being called racists?

And the worst part is, every Republican knows the Democrats will call us racists no matter how hard we try to prove otherwise.

Basically the choice is: fight back on immigration, be slandered as Racists.

Or: don’t fight back on immigration, still be slandered as Racists anyway.

Twitter is Mass Purging Conservatives

Another one bites the dust: Jesse Kelly, I believe he writes at “The Resurgent,” has just been banned from Twitter. Why? Because he’s based, tells it like it is and gives no fucks. He’s an alpha male who skewers leftists on a daily basis. So of course he’s gotta go.

He’s the latest in a long line of prominent conservatives to be banned by Twitter:

This was the official reason (or lack thereof) Twitter gave Kelly:

“Multiple violations.”

“Please do not respond to this email.”

So they don’t even tell him what specifically he said, and then they tell him not to respond. You’re banned forever and that’s the end of it.

This is basically what Medium told me about my old website.

Pretty soon Twitter will be totally devoid of any decent Republican voices. The only “Republicans” left will be the Officially Approved Lapdog Republicans like Bill Kristol (who was recently revealed to be funded by a leftwing billionaire), Joe Scarborough, Max Boot and the other virtue signaling losers.

Twitter is enforcing the intolerant left’s cultural agenda. Social media must be a sterile, conformist hive mind of bland, politically correct leftism. It must only be hospitable for NPCs.

You will be free to discuss any topic so long as you follow the official rules.

“Refugees welcome!”

“Gender is a social construct.”

“Colin Kaepernick is a hero.”

“Orange Man Bad!”

“Did you see SNL last night?”


Big tech companies are officially the foremost threats to free speech in America. The government doesn’t have shit on Twitter, Facebook and Google.

And if you think it’s bad now, just wait until the next Democrat President, when they’re all on the same side!

Stop Worshipping the Free Market

I would no sooner trust the future of my country and its people to a bunch of Big Business CEOs than I would to a bunch of politicians in Washington. I don’t want a centrally planned economy but I also don’t want an economy dominated by mega corporations—many of whom have no allegiance to America given their multinational nature.

Ben Shapiro and Tucker debated whether it would be the right course of action to forbid trucking companies from replacing human drivers with self driving trucks. Tucker said absolutely do it. He made the point that he’s a capitalist, but that we shouldn’t treat it as our religion. It is not an infallible system. It is not the solution to everything. It has flaws. Doesn’t mean it’s not the best system we’ve come up with.

But a lot of True Conservatives mistake that phrase—the best system we’ve come up with thus far—to mean totally flawless and impossible to improve in any way.

Big business does not have our back. First of all, most of them are in thrall to the left. They push leftwing social talking points, are run by militant HR gestapos that are outright hostile to white men.

Look at what Heineken puts on its bottles nowadays:

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 9.17.26 AM.png

Second of all, they are out to make money, not better society. Sure, their products improve our lives but the companies themselves are not striving for a better society. They would fire all their workers and replace them with robots in a second if they could.

When NAFTA was passed in 1993, the big companies moved their plants and factories to Mexico and Asia, leaving American workers—entire communities, even whole regions—behind. There have been massive social and cultural consequences for big business pursuing its own interests. Yes, we get cheap shit, but also we get decimated communities and a hollowed our middle class.

What’s the point of cheaper goods when dad’s out of a job and your oldest son can’t get a job so he gets high and drunk all the time?

A pure free market will pursue efficiency, and that ends with a large number of people out of jobs. You cannot simply blindly trust the free market. This is a major deficiency in the Reagan-worshipping Movement Conservatism. The free market is not the answer to everything.

Nate Silver is a Creepy Little Soy-Fascist

Nate Silver tries hard to position himself as the apolitical, data-driven elections forecasting nerd, but sometimes he lets the mask fall: he’s a leftwing authoritarian through-and-through:

It feels like Facebook has stopped trying. . . 

Trying to do what, exactly, Nate?

Silver is casually saying Facebook has an obligation to bury conservative news sites and limit their reach.

God forbid Facebook allow stories to spread organically and genuinely.

To creepy little We-Know-Best soyboy fascists like Nate Silver, Facebook must ensure conservative ideas don’t spread on its platform.

Leftists like Silver know that, absent their intervention and sabotage, our ideas are popular and will spread far and wide on social media.

Leftists do not believe in a marketplace of ideas.

They do not believe in free speech.

They do not believe in persuasion.

They believe in censorship, suppression and propaganda.

It’s the only way they can win, and they know it.

Chipotle Fires Manager Because Some Rando on Twitter Called her a RAAACIST

This tweet got the woman, who is the manager of that Chiptole, fired:

The manager said, “You’ve gotta pay because you never have money.”

Of course, because America’s new national pastime is the never-ending Racism Witch Hunt, the video blew up on social media

This is what happens in America 2018. People see the viral tweet, entirely devoid of context, and immediately fly into SOCIAL JUSTICE OUTRAGE.

America is such a racist country!

Young black men can’t even order from Chipotle without being racially discriminated!


Who got the benefit of the doubt immediately? The random black guy on Twitter. Because we live in a Racist Country or something.

But guess what: it turns out he and his friends have a history of dining and dashing, and at that specific Chipotle location, too. So the manager was perfectly right to be suspicious of them and deny them service.

She knew who they were, the social justice outrage mob on Twitter didn’t.

Someone dug up Ali’s old tweets and, yeah, he’s a piece of shit:

Here’s yet another instance of supposed RACISM that turned out to be not only a hoax but exactly the opposite. If anything, it was these young black men victimizing the store manager (who doesn’t even look white, she seems to be Hispanic) because they knew they would be believed.

Why do so many people in this country want to be Victims Of Racism?

Our media and culture encourage it. There is perhaps no easier ticket to relevance than being a Victim–of Racism, Sexism or what have you. So it’s no wonder we have scumbags like Masud Ali perpetrating hoaxes on a overly-credulous and race-obsessed Media.

The Racist Left is Brainwashing Kids to Hate White People

Kristina Wong is, according to her Wikipedia page, a “comedian” although she just seems really, really angry and hateful, and not at all concerned with making people laugh.

Apparently her latest “comedy” project is a series called “Radical Cram Session” in which she brainwashes little kids to hate white people. I am not kidding. See how much of this you can stomach:

The most chilling part of the video is when a little Asian girl, also adorned like Wong in a communist-style beret, says, “There’s just, like, this thing about white people that makes me be like: *rolls eyes*.”

The little girl has been completely brainwashed.

Leftists like Kristina Wong are raising a whole generation of people like her.

Let me ask this: how does this not lead to anti-white genocide? How does the mass indoctrination of young children to hate people based on their race lead anywhere good for this country?

The little girl was so pleased with herself for her remark, too. She’s rewarded with approval from Grown Ups when she expresses racist sentiments about white people.

This is child abuse. This little girl doesn’t know any better, and this is how predatory, radical adults like Wong encourage he–and millions of little kids just like her–to despise white people.

And of course there’s the obligatory “let’s reverse the roles.” Imagine a little white child says, “There’s just, like, this thing about black people that makes me be like: *rolls eyes*”

The media would be in hysterics for a week, shrieking about the evils of Donald Trump’s Racist America.

Then, if you can possibly stomach the video for its entire duration, about 4 minutes in, Wong asks the kids if they’re familiar with the term “gender non-binary,” and asks if they know anyone that’s gender non-binary. One girl, no older than like 7-8, announces that she’s “gender fluid.”

What the fuck, man.

Kristina Wong’s Wikipedia page says she’s a third generation Chinese American, which is interesting because I’d bet her grandparents, who moved here to flee a brutal communist dictatorship, probably wouldn’t approve of her wearing a communist-style beret and preaching racism.

And imagine if I moved to China and began lecturing people’s kids about how evil Asian people are.

People would call me an ingrate. I’d probably not be well received in my new country. I would deserved to be kicked out, honestly.

But it would also make a horrible person. Only a person completely filled with anger and hatred could do something like this.

What is the point of immigration if we’re letting in people who hate us? No sane country on earth would let this happen. And yet we do.