Tim Cook: We Have a Moral Obligation to Censor Wrongthink on our Platforms

Guess this means Apple will be coming after all the anti-white racists, Antifa thugs and other various miscreants of the left:

Or not: “We have always prohibited music with a message of white supremacy.”

Wow, so BRAVE!!!! He’s really going out on a limb here! He’s really risking his personal reputation and livelihood by speaking out against the huge, pervasive threat of White Supremacists.

He’s really going to feel a lot of backlash in the media for this! He’s standing for what’s right even if he’s standing alone!

I always think it’s funny that nobody who’s not in prison really knows any genuine white supremacists–you know, skinheads, KKK, Nazis, Aryan Brotherhood types–and yet most people just assume the country is overrun with them.

Even though I don’t know any, I’m sure they’re out there! They must all be down in Alabama or Mississippi or something.

Keep in mind that Cook’s words were delivered during an ADL award ceremony. Cook was awarded for his efforts in censoring the internet.

No word from Cook on Apple’s views on nonwhite supremacy, which seems to be far more rampant (and unpunished) than genuine white supremacy, which is all but stamped out on most social media platforms.

I feel like I’m watching a pastor at a church deliver a sermon, honestly.

Cook uses the terms “morality” and “right and wrong” frequently throughout this little excerpt. It’s difficult to miss the religious undertones.

And like many other leftists, he also decries “divisive” rhetoric, apparently forgetting that politics is inherently divisive, and basically admitting that his idea of “divisiveness” is mere disagreement and nonconformity with the left.

“Trump must be impeached, all white people suck, America is an evil, racist nation, and police are scum.”

“I disagree.”


These leftwing totalitarians demand complete conformity. They will not tolerate dissent.

So again: we must break up Big Tech before Big Tech breaks us.

Their express goal is to blanket condemn all of us as “hateful white supremacists” and then banning us for that reason.

Of course, they’re doing all of this not because we’re truly dangerous, but because they simply hate us.

But it’s different when they do it: they’re allowed to be driven by hatred.

Because they’re right.

Bust up the Silicon Valley monopolies before we’re no longer a presence online.

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