Nuke the Filibuster and Build the Wall

If ever there were an issue worth nuking the filibuster over, it is the border wall.

Several Republican Senators have just introduced legislation to fund and begin the border wall:

Now’s the time: pass this bill. It will never get 60 votes in the Senate, so nuke the filibuster and pass it with a bare majority.

If we don’t get the wall, then Trump will have failed to deliver on his most important campaign promise. Before it was “drain the swamp,” before it was “win on trade again,” and before it was revitalizing the economy, it was “build the wall.”

There is no single issue more associated with Donald Trump than the border wall.

Unashamedly calling for a giant border wall was what set Donald Trump apart from the standard, generic Establishment Republicans he ran against in the primaries. The repeated calls for a border wall let Republican voters know that only one candidate truly understood the immigration issue, and it was Trump.

It would not be a stretch to say that the wall was the single biggest reason he won the GOP primary, if not the presidency. Ann Coulter once said that as long as Trump gets the wall built, she wouldn’t care if he performed abortions in the Oval Office. It was obviously hyperbole but the point was, the Wall is that important.

Trump needs the border wall to be built. There’s no way around it. His presidency will be deemed a failure by the people that elected him if we don’t get a wall. No matter how many great things he does on the economy, trade, China, Russia, North Korea, etc., his presidency will be a disappointment without the wall.

I’m not saying it has to be completed by the 2020 election, but it has to be funded, started and publicized.

There is no better time than right now to push the wall through Congress.

We have a Republican House now for the last time in at least two years. We have the Senate, and obviously the bill would be signed by the President. Are we going to bank on retaking the House, holding the Senate and holding the White House in 2020 to get the Wall built? Because that’s what it’s looking like.

It’s time, right now, to build the wall.

It will be a defining legacy item for President Trump, one of the great achievements in American history. A giant wall along the southern border 30 feet high and made of concrete cannot simply be repealed by a future Democratic Congress or President. A wall will be permanent. Once it’s built, it’s there for good.

The wall will be a symbol of Trump’s legacy. He will leave his mark on the US and the Presidency for decades to come with the border wall, similar to the Hoover Dam.

Approve the funds and get it started by nuking the filibuster and pushing it through the Senate. Next year, Dems will try to pass legislation to undo it but Trump can just veto it.

Perhaps the GOP’s traitor wing (Flake, Murkowski, Collins) will vote against the wall and it will fail in the Senate. In fact, it’s probably likely they do.

Whatever. At least we tried to strike while the iron was still hot.

But the main point is, we won’t have the House next year, so there’s zero chance the border wall gets through Congress in 2019-2020. The odds of passing the border wall now, while low, are still higher they will be with the next Congress.

Right now, we have the House and the Senate, albeit a very slim and often illusory majority in the Senate.

Next year, we will be in the House minority but will have a larger and better Senate Majority (no Flake, no Corker plus Collins and Murkowski will no longer be the pivotal votes able to hold us hostage with everything).

I’d rather take my chances trying to convince a couple Republican Senators this month than trying to convince a few dozen Democratic Representatives the next two years.

So nuke the filibuster in the Senate and try to get this thing passed.

Stop the illegal immigration. Stop the drugs and gangs pouring over our border. Stop the job theft. Stop the demographic transformation.

Build the wall. At the current pace of demographics, Republicans will be a permanent minority party by the 2030s. That’s why it’s in the politicians’ interests.

If they’re waiting for the right time to nuke the filibuster, this is it.

And you know Democrats won’t hesitate to nuke the filibuster whenever they take back power. They will absolutely do it over one of their most important issues, like Medicare for All. Or perhaps they’ll nuke the filibuster on legislation making America a sanctuary nation. That’ll really be a fuck-you.

If and when they do that, every Republican will ask, “Why didn’t we nuke the filibuster to build the wall back when we had both chambers of Congress and Donald Trump in the White House?”

Nuke the filibuster and pass the wall now or regret it forever.

Republicans need to ignore Democrats because all their wailing and screaming will be entirely in bad faith. “Racists!” They’ll shriek. But we don’t care what they say.

Dems are the real racists for wanting mass immigration to demographically replace white people. We just want to halt our own erasure.

Who cares what the Dems say? They are 100% committed to mass illegal immigration because it benefits them electorally.

The wall will be good for us. There’s no reason we need to act in the Democrats’ best interests. They would never do the same for us.

They want illegal immigration, we don’t. Let’s impose our will on this issue. Lord knows the Dems aren’t afraid to impose their will on issues that benefit them.

Going further, the days of a “national interest” and a “common good” are over. There is no single unified national interest anymore. We’re too divided and different now. America may officially be a single political entity, but there are at least two separate nations living within its borders.

So there’s what’s good for red America and what’s good for blue America. Often the two are in direct contradiction, and immigration is perhaps the single best example of this.

We need to start doing what’s good for us and stop giving a shit about them. That’s how they roll, so we should, too.

And no, being magnanimous and holding out an olive branch isn’t going to make Dems change. It’ll only make them take advantage of us even more. When they’re in power they do things to benefit themselves. They couldn’t give less of a shit about us.

They think we’re suckers when we offer them concessions. They know they will never reciprocate. Their strategy will forever be, “Take what we want, give them nothing.”

Our has been, “Well, maybe if we give Dems this, then they’ll open up and start being more amenable and reasonable.”

Just give it up. It’ll never happen.

This beta-male mindset amounts to political, cultural and demographic suicide.

We do things for ourselves now. When we have power, we do things for us.

Nuke the filibuster and pass the wall now, or allow demographic transformation to destroy the Republican Party and the country forever.

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