White Liberal Elites: Tolerance and Diversity for YOU, But Not For US

White leftists are known for their long-winded lectures on how Americans are stuck in the past and need to change their views to be more tolerant and open-minded about alternative lifestyles and changing cultural and demographic trends.

“Stop being such a Christian fundamentalist on homosexuality. You’re a dinosaur. It’s [current year]. Get with the program; there’s nothing wrong with being gay. For Pete’s sake, it’s [current year].”

You all need to be more open-minded, modern and progressive when it comes to gays, immigrants and minorities, they tell us.

Just know that they don’t really mean any of it. Not a word.

Look at how Mika Brzezinski tried to criticize Mike Pompeo:

Wait. Haven’t Mika and the rest of the white liberal elite been berating us regular Americans for our supposed insensitivity towards gays, and lecturing us that there’s Nothing Wrong With Being Gay? And then Mika says this?

The elites are not more accepting of homosexuality than the rest of us. They just pretend to be. In fact, they’re probably less accepting of it.

If an average American said what Mika said, it would be considered a “gay slur.” If they said something like this while at work, HR would be all over them. They’d be subject to mandatory sensitivity training at minimum, or more likely just fired.

If someone on Fox News said about Obama’s Secretary of State what Mika said about Trump’s, it would be a national media firestorm with wall-to-wall coverage, and the Fox person would certainly lose his or her job.

But here’s the thing: a Fox News conservative wouldn’t say something like Mika said. Because most prominent conservative commentators have been re-educated on the matter of homosexuality, among many other matters which we’ll get to shortly.

When a prominent conservative like Ben Shapiro says something like, “I’m colorblind when it comes to race,” or “I have no problem with homosexuality,” they probably genuinely mean it. Because they have actually taken the liberal elite’s lecturing to heart.

Over the past decade or so, most conservatives have come to believe that they really do need to “get with the program” and that they really were intolerant and bigoted.

Yes, in the back of their minds, they may still have their reservations about homosexuality, but they’ve repressed those reservations for long enough that for all intents and purposes, they not only tolerate homosexuality but often go out of their way to show how approving they are of it. As it pertains to most mainstream conservative pundits, if they truly don’t like gays, you’ll never know it because they’ll never say it out loud. It’s a prejudice that is confined entirely to their own private minds. As Steve Sailer once said, “What goes unsaid eventually goes unthought.”

In contrast, white liberal elites like Mika, who love to call regular Americans homophobes, don’t care who knows what they really think about homosexuality. All that stuff they say about how using “gay” as an insult hurts and oppresses the gay community? Yeah, all of it went out the window the moment Mika called Mike Pompeo “butt boy.”

The supposedly enlightened and progressive white liberal elites constantly lecturing us don’t actually believe a word of what they say. And it’s not just about gays.

You think the white liberal elite is excited about America becoming a majority-minority nation? Maybe for you they are. But for Dem politicians, it’s only because they’ll benefit electorally. And for rich liberals, it’s only because they’ll get cheap gardeners and janitors. Remember when Kelly Osborne tried to argue against Trump’s immigration policies by saying “If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet?” That’s how they view immigration: more Latinos equals cleaner toilets and more Mexican food options!

Hispanic immigrants, to white liberal elites, are little more than a permanent underclass of servants.

The white liberal elite does not want minorities and immigrants living in their gated, mostly-white communities–they just want them living in your communities. As Victor Davis Hanson put it earlier this year:

“For those who live at the nexus of illegal immigration, life is lived quite differently than in the past, from the trivial to the existential. A few examples suffice. Last night I was awakened by automatic gunfire on the road at 2 a.m.; the shots came from a long-ago-sold farmhouse of one who was a friend and neighbor for 50 years, but whose house is now rented out to gang members, many from Mexico. No worry, within an hour, the shrieks of resumed cockfighting returned as usual.

[. . .] The logic of illegal immigration is that the guilty host must accommodate the uninvited but more virtuous guest, not vice versa. When I find a dumped rotten canine carcass with a rope still around its skeletonized neck or a tossed disemboweled chicken, I surely must not privilege my own culture and think that dog- or cockfighting is barbaric. Perhaps the pile of used hypodermic needles dumped by my barn were left by accident? Today I pick up sacks of wet garbage with the owner’s name and address on several bills: Does one redeliver back to the dumper, and if so, armed or not? Or does one find it not cost-effective to do so? (Do not suggest “call the authorities” — that is a complete waste of time.) These are the small, mostly trite decisions that a person at the nexus of illegal immigration makes every day.

When Jerry Brown or Nancy Pelosi lectures the state on its illiberality, or on the immigration sins of Donald Trump, or the advantages of nullification and a sanctuary state, we assume that these are just the penultimate chest poundings and virtue signals of rich septuagenarians about to go into apartheid retirements in Napa or Grass Valley.”

The white liberal elite lectures us about being more tolerant and inclusive while our communities are destroyed, yet they all live in gated white communities.

If you ask them, they’re doing us a favor by making our communities more “diverse.” We should be thanking them, because we all know Diversity Is Our Strength. It’s what they’ve been drilling into our heads over and over for years.

But when they say “Diversity Is Our Strength,” they don’t mean their strength. Turns out they’re not huge fans of diversity when it pertains to themselves.

White leftists in California want more more more more more immigration, but they don’t want their kids in the same schools as the children of those immigrants:

“Why not cease the current stampede to private academies that has left the public schools of the greater coastal corridor non-diverse and near apartheid?

The huge Los Angeles Unified School District is now over 70 percent Latino, as whites and Asians have fled the arrival of immigrant children. It’s much the same in Silicon Valley, where private prep schools are expanding enrollments to meet the demand from affluent members of the tech industry.”

Private, mostly-white schools for the white liberal elite; public, integrated schools for your children.

But I thought Diversity is a universal and unquestioned Good Thing? I thought we could all benefit a little Diversity in our boring, plain white lives? Apparently they were only talking about us, not themselves. They don’t need any Diversity, they’re perfect the way they are. It’s us plebes who need to see the light.

Prior to leaving office, President Obama mandated that America’s suburbs get more “diverse” by taking aim at restrictions against low income housing in traditionally wealthier, whiter neighborhoods.

However, upon leaving office, Barack and Michelle then moved into a multi-million dollar mansion in Kalorama Heights, one of the whitest, wealthiest and most exclusive neighborhoods in D.C. The Obamas’ neighborhood is described as “diplomat-studded” and their neighbors include current and former Cabinet Secretaries, Supreme Court Justices and the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos.

For some reason, I don’t think Obama was talking about Kalorama Heights when he said the suburbs need to be more “diverse.”

This is how they roll.

But you? You’ve taken to heart all their accusations of your intolerance and benightedness.

The average American has listened to what the elites said about his outdated thinking on gays and is now more accepting of homosexuality than the elite.

The average American is more open to living next door to someone of a different race than are the elite.

The average American is more willing to allow immigrants into his community than are the leftwing elite.

You can tell this is the case from slip-ups like Mika’s. At the end of the day, homosexuality is still an insult in her mind. Her go-to insult for Mike Pompeo is “butt boy.”

Steve Colbert tried to “burn” Trump by saying, “The only thing Donald Trump’s mouth is good for is being Putin’s cock holster.” And the left loved it. “Ohhh! Snap! SICK BURN, Colbert! Trump, you just got owned! FAG! YOU’RE GAY, TRUMP! HA HA HA HA”

When you say it, it’s a “gay slur.” When they say it, it’s a SICK BURN.

These are the same people that piously call us bigots at every opportunity.

For decades leftwing elites have browbeaten us normal Americans for our supposed bigotry, intolerance and lack of open minds–to the point where in an amazingly short period of time, the leftwing elite has basically retrained tens of millions of Americans into genuinely accepting things which were almost universally rejected for decades.

Did you know that in 2004, only 31% of Americans supported gay marriage, while in 2018 the number has doubled to 62%. That’s a remarkable shift in attitudes nationwide and it was mostly driven by sanctimonious lecturing from leftwing elites like Mika Brzezinski and Steven Colbert.

For most of our history, the average American has basically gone off of his natural human instincts: disapproving of homosexuality because it’s a deviation from the norm; skeptical of other races because people innately prefer to live among those who are the same as they are; worried about the demographic transformation of their nation and communities because that’s the way human beings have been hard-wired for millennia.

Yet the white liberal elites told us we were not only misguided for going by our natural human instincts, but terrible people as well. We’re bigots, racists, homophobes, transphobes, Islamophobes. This constant shaming and lecturing from white liberal elites has actually had the effect of profoundly changing American attitudes towards gays, trannies, racial minorities and immigrants. It’s kind of unprecedented.

As far as tolerance of gays goes, we’re probably the most “progressive” society since at least the ancient Greeks, perhaps the Romans (things got pretty gay towards the end of Rome, as Richard Nixon noted when he remarked “the last six Roman emperors were fags.”)

Racially? Come on. No other country on earth has all the races living together. Name me one other country that has significant numbers of whites, blacks, Hispanics, East Asians, South Asians and Middle Easterners. It’s no contest. America is the most racially inclusive and harmonious society the world has ever known. Furthermore, virtually every white American goes out of their way to avoid doing anything that could get them labeled a “racist.” Most white Americans live in a state of constant fear of being labeled “racist” because it could result in losing one’s job, friends and social status. Daily life in white America is now basically a continual (and ultimately futile) struggle to prove that one is Not Racist–just like the white liberal elites want.

Immigration? Gallup polls show that, worldwide, over 700 million people desire to emigrate from their home countries. Most of them currently live in Africa or Latin America. And guess where they want to move? America. 21% name America as their preferred destination, far and away the top choice. The next highest country on the list of most desired locations for immigrants is Germany with 6%. Then on the list come Canada, the UK, France and Australia. (Wow! Would you look at that! All predominantly white countries ruled by liberals who constantly criticize the native populations for being racist.) If America is intolerant towards immigrants, then why do so many hundreds of millions still desperately want to come here?

These elite white liberals are completely full of it. Even by their own twisted standards, which are designed to constrain and oppress you, you are infinitely more virtuous, tolerant and open-minded than they are. Do not ever let them lecture you on your own backwardness again. They can’t tell you shit.


  1. I have an interest in opinions/musings with which I may not agree. I thought yours may be one of those. I was right, but not for the reasons I had expected. I hope you accept my assertion as I intend it – the truth.

    I am not insecure about my ethnic heritage nor am I insecure in my status and conviction as a American citizen – after all my family settled parts of norther New Mexico long before the Declaration of Independence. I’m as “American” as anyone could possibly be – but I happen to be Hispanic. In yours world-view I’m simply another “brown face” looking for gardening or farm work.

    Therein lies the rub, Mr. Frank. Espousing the pejorative and denigrating, stereotypical view of who “we” are is not only the false narrative – it fails to advance “any” discussion about us (American Hispanics), or any other non-Northern European ethnic group as members of the “dinner table”.

    Although your specific stereotype about me may be true, since I am a member of a 300-year-old ranching family. But we do other things as well. I have other interests besides the traditional roles of ranchers/farmers. I happen to be a well-educated attorney, professor, writer, student of religious histories, student of quantum physics and avid reader of most anything I can get in my hands.

    And so, Mr. Frank, it would be very difficult to start and continue “any” discussion about your political worldview, regarding immigration, Latin-American studies/history or domestic economic policies (vis-a-vis, Hispanic contributions), if I first had to argue/debate the issue of my gardening and housekeeping qualifications or lack thereof.

    1. Austin Frank says:

      I think you might be missing the point of the piece. What I’m saying is that the elites have lectured Americans for decades to be more tolerant and welcoming of immigrants and other races, and thus Americans largely have become the most tolerant and inclusive society the world has ever known.

      Meanwhile, the elites themselves don’t believe a word of their tolerance and diversity lecturing. It’s all cynical, self serving bullshit. They see immigrants as nothing more than cheap labor and easy votes, and see minorities as nothing more than oppressed victims to pander to for votes.

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