David Hogg Shows Us that with the Right Politics, Anything is Possible

David Hogg, who couldn’t even get into Cal State Long Beach, will be attending Harvard University this fall solely because he’s a vicious, angry leftwing fascist.

I’m serious. There’s no other reason.

Because it certainly wasn’t his academic merit that got him into Harvard:

If he was David Evans from Fargo, ND, Harvard would crumple up his application and throw it in the garbage.

This move totally cheapens Harvard as an institution. This kid objectively has no business attending Harvard, but because he spent he past year shrieking incoherently about politics (about a week after the Parkland shooting, he moved beyond guns, which was supposed to be his “called into action” issue, and on to full-fledged Democratic Party activism) he gets a special spot.

The “media” got this kid into Harvard.

Harvard is not an elite academic institution; it’s a partisan Democrat popularity club. If you have the right politics and you’re a “media” darling, you can get into Harvard. It’s no longer an ultra exclusive, elite academic college.

This is what it takes to get into Harvard:

“Hey, can I go to Harvard?”

“No, unfortunately your grades aren’t anywhere near what we require.”

“What if I said, ‘Ban the Second Amendment’?”

“Congratulations, you’re admitted to Harvard!”

It’ll be interesting to see if this kid’s politics get him through Harvard, or whether he drops out after a semester because the classes are way too difficult.

After all, universities have admissions standards for a reason: if you can’t meet the requirements, you will not be able to succeed.

Thomas Sowell often talks about this when it pertains to affirmative action and colleges lowering admissions standards in order to promote “diversity”: the minority students who get into top universities simply because they’re not white, and not because they qualify academically, often have a miserable time and eventually drop out of school—because they shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

I don’t want to root for David Hogg to fail out of Harvard, but then again, fuck him. If he knew about this site, he’d probably try to destroy my livelihood because of my politics like he did Laura Ingraham and basically everyone else at Fox News.

We’re playing by their rules: we treat them as they treat us.

David Hogg is a nasty little shit and it’s entirely appropriate to hope he fails out of Harvard.


  1. sicular says:

    White Privilege my ass! This is the payoff for whoring for the Deep State!

    1. Austin Frank says:

      Yeah exactly. As long as you toe the Party Line, you will be rewarded.

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