How the US Ministry of Truth’s Propaganda Works

The “Blame America First” mindset:

You are literally looking at the process of how the Ministry of Truth brainwashes liberal NPCs.

This is stimuli and response: the Fake News from AP (a Minitrue propaganda organ), then the righteous outrage response from a liberal famous person (an influencer/amplifier of Minitrue propaganda).

Alyssa Milano saw the tweet and then did exactly what she has been trained to do by the Ministry of Truth. She believes she’s an independent thinker and a brave truth-teller but that’s the whole point of propaganda.

Political brainwashing really is an incredible thing. Think about it:

> Illegals march hundreds, if not thousands, of miles through brutal, inhospitable desert and arid terrain mostly on foot.

>Child arrives malnourished, dehydrated, probably injured, severely emotionally distressed, and totally exhausted.

>US border patrol takes child into custody, gives child better care than the child has ever received in his/her life.

> Child unfortunately dies in US custody due to injuries and stress from journey.

>>> American leftists blame border patrol for child’s death.

Their first impulse is to Blame America. This is how they’ve been trained.

They don’t care about dead kids, they care about opening the borders.

Well, perhaps clueless, brainwashed bleeding hearts like Alyssa Milano truly do Care About The Kids, but the Democrats they support certainly don’t.

Democrat politicians are the most cynical and fraudulent people around: they not only voted for the Secure Fence Act in 2006, but also for tens of billions in border security within the past 5 years. Plus, none of them said a word about the “kids in cages” and use of teargas at unruly illegal invaders at the border under Obama.

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