Enemy. Of. The. People.

Do you get it now?

CNN is actually trying to get American troops in trouble.

So is Bloomberg’s Jennifer Epstein:

The troops were excited to see their President during a surprise visit on Christmas, but the evil “media” had to come in and ruin that.

Put that Trump sign away or we’ll tell your superiors! That Trump hat is a violation of the rules!”

That’s what the US “media” is saying right now. They’re truly horrible people.

Keep in mind that if Trump had refused to sign their hats–so the media wouldn’t skewer him for “🚨🚨BREAKING THE RULES!!!🚨🚨–then the media would be attacking him for spurning the troops on Christmas.

The “media” is pure evil.

Moreover, the media is not the “American” media at all. They are the propaganda arm of the Deep State, which itself is fundamentally anti-American.

Trying to get the troops in trouble on Christmas for supporting President Trump is anti-American.

Trying to overthrow a democratically-elected President is anti-American. Supporting permanent warfare is anti-American. Everything the Deep State does, the media supports, enables and assists.

It’s an unholy anti-American alliance, and of course if you dare criticize CNN for this they’ll shriek that their First Amendment rights are under attack, because CNN is completely despicable.

This is not about the first amendment or a free press. Not even close.

The government is no threat to them. It’s the people they’ve got to worry about: the First Amendment doesn’t say anything about the people rising up against the likes of CNN and the rest of the malignant cancer cells also known as the “media.”

I’m telling you, these Enemies of the People are never going to see the revolt coming.

They know full well what they’re doing is not “journalism,” and yet they keep on gaslighting the shit out of the nation pretending to be persecuted victims instead of the persecutors.

Do they really believe they can go on doing this despicable shit indefinitely? Do they really believe Americans will sit back and allow them to be as evil and cancerous as they are forever?

Patriotic Americans see our media narking on the troops then hiding behind the First Amendment and they think “Someone has got to put a stop to this.”

CNN seems to be determined to push regular Americans to their breaking points. CNN is really trying to find out how much gaslighting and propaganda the American people will put up with.

They’re going to get another Boston Tea Party if they don’t stop being evil.

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