Mitt Romney is a Jackass

Mitt Romney was just elected to the Senate in Utah, ostensibly as a Republican.

However, his first move upon joining the Senate was to write an anti-Trump op-ed in the Washington Post blasting the President’s “character.”

We no longer have to deal with John McCain and Jeff Flake, but now we’ll have to deal with virtue signaling Mitt taking up their mantle as the Senate’s leading NeverTrumper.

Several points about Mitt’s D.C. debut:

  1. It’s truly pathetic that Mitt Romney’s first move in 2019 is to suck up to the media which spent 2012 assailing his character. Absolutley shameful. He’s like the high school loser that gets bullied by the Popular Kids yet still inexplicably tries to suck up to them. Sheer cuckoldry.
  2. Mitt Romney’s conception of “character” apparently means constantly rolling over for the left and taking it on the chin. Character is letting the left get everything it wants and never, ever trying to fundamentally change the status quo.
  3. Character means never standing up to the Ministry of Truth’s outright propagandizing for the Democratic Party. It means never calling out the Deep State’s thuggery and lawlessness. It means never challenging the Uniparty.
  4. Mitt Romney is seriously delusional if he believes the American people look to politicians for “unity and inspiration.” Someone has to break the news to him: the American people do not think very highly of politicians as a group. And we definitely don’t look up to them as role models and for inspiration.
  5. If anything, Trump is the most inspiring politician out there. He showed that you can take on the Uniparty Establishment and win. His victory was the greatest democratic achievement perhaps in the history of the United States given how many powerful, entrenched interests opposed, and still oppose, him. Trump was the guy that showed that no matter how powerful our ruling class has become, our democracy still works. How’s that for “defending our vital institutions”?
  6. But Mitt Romney doesn’t care about “defending our vital institutions” in the sense of preserving democracy. He cares about maintaining the Uniparty Status Quo, where only Uniparty-Approved candidates can win the Presidency.
  7. If Mitt thinks so lowly of Trump, then why was Mitt so eager to meet with Trump over potentially becoming Secretary of State back in late 2016? There are only two possible answers: either he, Romney, is so power/status hungry that he was willing to work for a supposed “bad guy” like Trump, or Romney was only seeking the Secretary of State job in order to undermine the Trump administration from within. Whichever reason it was, neither reflects positively on Mitt Romney’s character. Reaaaaally makes you think 🤔🤔🤔🤔.
  8. Finally, I don’t remember Mitt being anywhere near as critical of Barack Obama as he is of Donald Trump. That tells you all you need to know about Mitt Romney.



  1. Mittens has always been and will continue to be an opportunistic schmuck! “Republican” is a mere hiding place for traitors like Romney. As one alt-Media commentator has said, it’s no longer Dem vs. Repub… It’s Globalist vs. Nationalist. Mittens is definitely a Globalist, and I’ll add, American traitor.

    1. Austin Frank says:

      Agreed. Another way of putting it is top vs. bottom, elite vs. the people. And mitt is a certified elitist.

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