“Allahu Akbar” Translated to English Means: “Diversity is Our Strength”

Just kidding.

Here’s a headline from Germany:

“Afghan and Iranian Asylum Seekers Rampage Through German Town, Injuring 12”

“The Bavarian town of Amberg is in shock after a group of asylum seekers from Afghanistan and Iran rampaged through the city Saturday night. Four attackers aged 17 to 19 randomly beat exiting passengers at the train station, and then moved to the city center to continue their rampage.

According to reports, the attackers shouted “kafir” (a derogatory term meaning “non-Muslim,” “unbeliever”) and “n**ger” at some victims.

In all, 12 victims ranging from ages 16 to 42 needed medical attention. A 17-year-old victim was treated for severe head wounds.”

The West certainly has a knack for integrating and assimilating all these Muslim migrants. They sure seem to love our secular Western way of life!

But still, don’t the benefits of mass invasion migration outweigh the cons? I mean, yeah, Europe is experiencing a rash of terrorist attacks, rapes and child sex rings, but at the same time, “Asylum Seekers” are rampaging through progressive European towns imposing their 7th-century “values” on the native populace by violent force!

So much cultural enrichment! Learn to love it, you boring old white people.

At least you’ll have great kebab.

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