Tucker to Elites: Start Caring About the American People or Be Overthrown

Tucker Carlson seems to be one of the few prominent political pundits who “gets it” and understands what’s happening in this country.

Tucker understands that there is a large number of dispossessed and marginalized Americans out there who have been utterly left behind over the past few decades, and that our ruling class shows no interest in doing anything to make their lives better:

“One day, Donald Trump will be gone. The rest of us will be gone, too. The country will remain. What kind of country will it be then? What kind of country will we leave our grandchildren? Those are the only questions that matter.

The answer to them used to be obvious: the overriding goal for America is more prosperity, meaning cheaper consumer goods. But is that still true? Does anyone still believe that cheaper iPhones or more Amazon deliveries of plastic garbage from China will make us happier? They haven’t so far.

A lot of Americans are drowning in “stuff,” and yet drug addiction and suicide are depopulating large parts of the country. Anyone who thinks the health of a nation can be summed up in GDP is an idiot. The goal for America is simpler and more lucid than mere prosperity, it’s happiness. There are ingredients for happiness: dignity, purpose, self-control, and above all, deep relationships with other people. Those are the things that you want for your children, and that our leaders should want for us, if they cared. But they don’t care. They feel no long-term obligation to the people they rule.”

The entire Tucker segment is a must-watch. But most importantly, Tucker understands what happens when a long-suffering and ignored populace cannot obtain respite through the political system–in other words, when they keep voting for politicians promising change and improvement, and yet still nothing changes or improves. What happens is, the people revolt, like we’re seeing in France.

If you still don’t believe the seeds of revolt are there, have a look at these statistics that show just how bad the past several decades have been for Americans aged 25-34:


Their incomes haven’t risen at all since 1977, yet their debt has more than tripled.

And that’s just scratching the surface.

Many American families have lost their sons because they were sent off to faraway places fight wars that seem totally unnecessary. Plenty more young men have come back from these foreign wars permanently disabled and disfigured.

American communities have been decimated by the opioid crisis due to the vast quantities of drugs that pour across our southern border. Men have seen their social/sexual market values plummet due to the offshoring and outsourcing of millions of good manufacturing jobs, combined with the rise of Female Empowerment Feminism.

Entire cities and even states are completely transformed by immigration. Communities have become culturally unrecognizable to longtime residents, and in a relatively short period of time.

Low-skilled workers lose jobs to illegal immigrants, and those who haven’t lost jobs have seen their wages fall because they simply can’t compete in the labor market with illegals who don’t have to be paid the minimum wage by corporations that understand full well that labor is their single largest expense.

Even high-skilled workers in tech, data and healthcare are losing out on jobs to foreign immigrants via the H1B visa program. In a rare moment where it actually reported real news,  the New York Times detailed the infuriating stories of high-skilled workers who are not only laid off, but have to train their foreign replacements before being given the boot. Big corporations are not only destroying American workers’ livelihoods, but humiliating them in the process.

“Hey, we’re gonna have to let you go. But first, you must train your foreign replacement before you leave. Have a nice life, bitch. Lol 😂😂”

Even Americans who took the elites’ advice and Learned To Code still wound up losing their jobs.

Do the elites really believe this can go on indefinitely? Because it won’t.

It’s not just right-wing Americans who feel left behind. The populist left has plenty of valid critiques of the Uniparty Elite, too: healthcare is expensive as hell and the rich are getting ever richer. Bernie Sanders shocked the political elite when, seizing on precisely those major issues near and dear to the populist left, he nearly upset The Predetermined One, Hillary Clinton, in the 2016 Democratic Primary. Bernie probably should have won, too, but the contest was rigged, as we now know.

Bernie Sanders should have been a warning to the elite that it is dangerously out of touch with regular Americans, but instead the elite’s response to Bernie Sanders was to crush him with dirty tricks and skullduggery.

Despite the valid concerns millions of Americans, left and right, have with the current state of affairs, our elite is concerned with bullshit like “fighting climate change,” and making sure the host of the Oscars isn’t a “homophobe.”

And so in 2016, millions of Americans, desperately seeking relief and feeling as if they were out of options, turned to Donald Trump to turn things around. It was a desperate measure to put a total outsider in the White House, but people felt as if the country–and their lives–were about to go over the cliff.

But President Trump is stymied and obstructed at nearly every turn (except for on tax cuts) by the Uniparty Elite, which, as we’re finding out, still runs Washington no matter who’s in the White House.

It’s not hard to see why most regular Americans believe the game is rigged, and that no matter who they vote for, they’ll never see meaningful improvements in their lives. They’re starting to understand that they’ll never get the policies they voted for.

Pretty soon, marginalized Americans are going to conclude that voting simply doesn’t work, and that it’s pointless.

But, ultimately, that won’t stop them from getting what they want. Because there is another option for them: they can rise up.

If anything, Tucker is the sanest voice in the room: he’s trying to prevent a violent revolution. He’s telling the Uniparty what it has to do in order to avoid being overthrown.

Of course, the Uniparty Elites don’t have to take Carlson’s recommendations to heart. They don’t have to listen to him.

And it seems like they have no desire to:




But they should listen to him.

Because he’s telling them, pretty clearly, how to not get overthrown. He’s saying, “If you keep ignoring these discontented and marginalized Americans, sooner or later they will take drastic measures to remedy their suffering.”

Now, the dishonest elite’s response to this is painfully predictable. There will be no self-reflection or desire to hold themselves accountable. The political elites will never reevaluate their priorities or rethink their massively unpopular policies which are running the country into the ground.

They’ll simply shriek with sanctimony and feigned horror, “Is this a Threat Of Violence?!?!? *Gasp* Violence has no place in American politics! Gosh, that Donald Trump sure has Eroded Civility and Democratic Institutions!”

No, idiots–it’s not a threat of violence, and it’s not been enabled by Trump. Trump, like Tucker Carlson, is offering the democratic alternative to violence. Trump was put in the White House to finally do what the American people want their government to do, but the Uniparty Elite is determined to prevent him from doing so.

And so we’re not saying, “Do what we want, or we revolt.”

We’re saying, “If you continually deny the American people what they rightfully and democratically voted for, they will eventually rise up against you and take it one way or another.” It’s a statement of fact.

Eventually, enough Americans will realize that it’s the Uniparty that has killed our democracy, and that the Uniparty stands in the way of peace, prosperity and happiness.

People who are trampled and mistreated eventually rise up and revolt. It is an iron, immutable law of human civilization.

It’s playing out all over the world: in Brazil, where Jair Bolsonaro just took power; in Britain, where the people voted to leave the EU; in Italy, where anti-immigration populists were just swept into power; in France, where the working class masses continue to riot and protest against globalism and have come close to overthrowing their government. These are just several examples; there are plenty more.

But they’re all different version of the same thing: the long-suffering masses finally rising up against a corrupt and out-of-touch ruling oligarchy.

I don’t know why our ruling class feels it is immune from this law of nature, but it does.

They don’t seem to fully grasp the fact that they’re not far from being overthrown.

Tucker does, and yet they hiss and shriek at him for daring to tell it like it is.


Exactly right. Tucker is imploring the ruling class to fix the problems (problems it largely created) destroying our nation before the people rise up and overthrow them.

Donald Trump, Bolsonaro, Brexit and Salvini/Five Star are “in-system” remedies for the problems of the 21st century, which is to say that they’ve all been peaceful and democratic in nature. They’ve all taken place within the legitimate bounds of civil democracy. But now the people are learning that even when they get their candidates in office, that’s not enough to make a change.

As bad as the Uniparty elite thinks Trump is, he’s nothing compared to a full-scale revolt like we’re seeing in France.

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