Seattle “News” Channel Caught Editing Trump Speech Footage to Make Him Look Like an Idiot

Have a look at this short clip and see for yourself:

For one, Q13 News at 10 cranked up the orange to the max.

Then, at the end, they made Trump stick his tongue out like a slobbering fool.

Q13 News issued a statement when they were called-out:

“In a statement, Q13 noted that the video editor responsible has been placed on leave pending an internal investigation.

“We are investigating this to determine what happened,” said Q13’s news director. “This does not meet our editorial standards and we regret if it is seen as portraying the President in a negative light. The editor responsible for editing the footage is being placed on leave while we investigate further.”

No, you regret getting caught.

The question now is how many times the media has done this kind of thing and gotten away with it. This can’t be the first time.

Enemy. Of. The People.

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