Lindsey Graham GETS IT

Nuff said:

That’s really the bottom line: the Democrats are not negotiating in good faith.

That’s it. Forget ’em.

Build the wall in a state of emergency.

It is a national security matter of the highest priority.

It’s sure as hell a greater priority than all the foreign wars we got ourselves into in the name of “national security” over the last few decades.

The most important thing about Graham saying this is that the Congressional GOP appears to be on board with building the wall by any means necessary, or at least getting there. Trump needs their support to do this: because the Dems are going to go ballistic, he needs to have the Republicans backing him.

This truly is a bit of a surprise because until Graham said this I, and I’m sure most of you, basically wrote off most Hill Republicans as secretly open borders on behalf of their Super Important Corporate Donors. I figured Trump would have to either go it alone or seriously twist their arms to get them to support the wall.

But I think it might just be dawning on the Republican Party that it has literally no national future if we don’t get the border under control.

As hard as it may be to believe in 2019, California was once a solidly Republican state for decades, voting for the Republican presidential candidate in every election but one from 1948-1988. But since 1992, it has gone Democratic–more and more so with each passing election–every for years, a streak of six straight elections. The state is almost unanimously Democrat at every office from Governor down to dogcatcher and the legislature has Democratic supermajorities in both chambers.

This is virtually all because of immigration.

And if we don’t get a handle on it soon, eventually the whole country will be as blue as California.

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