Republican Politicians All Too Eager to Help Democrats Destroy Their Party, and Country

The GOP simply lives to please the left.

The disgraceful public shaming of Rep. Steve King by his ostensible party members confirms this.

You may have seen the recent outrage over Rep. King’s remarks, where King was alleged to have decried the fact that “white supremacy” has become a dirty word. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy not only excoriated King for something King didn’t actually say, but went so far as to strip him of all committee assignments in Congress, basically rendering King irrelevant in the legislative process. Republicans like McCarthy will go to nauseating lengths in order to virtue signal for the approval of people who hate them and always will no matter what.

McCarthy wasn’t the only Republican to pile on to King. RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel praised McCarthy:

Formerly-prominent GOP strategist Karl Rove got in on the action by retweeting an article from the formerly-great National Review entitled “Dump Steve King”:

Yes, yes, we know, Republicans: you’re all So Tolerant and you all Hate Racism so much. You’re the least racist people around and you want everyone to know.

But Steve King was not lamenting the fact that “white supremacy” is a dirty word. This is a willful misreading of what he said.

But don’t try to tell Republican politicians, who are busy hanging King out to dry in order to show the media they Aren’t Racists for the umpteenth time.

If the New York Times says Steve King is a white supremacist, then that’s good enough for the Congressional GOP. They will accept that judgement unquestionably. It might as well have been written in the Bible, that’s how much the GOP cares about what the left says and thinks.

If you even think about it, there’s no time at all in American history when the term “white supremacism” ever had a positive connotation. Even when whites did reign supreme in this country (1620-1990s) there was no conscious white supremacism to speak of: that’s just how things were. It was the norm. There was no movement urging whites to assert their supremacy because it was already asserted.

There were no real white supremacists, as we know them, back in the 1930s because whites already reigned supreme. The idea that white supremacism has always been with us because of the KKK is nonsense. For one, the Klan as we know it only had its heyday in the 1920s and according to its own Wikipedia page rapidly declined by the end of the decade. It reached a peak membership of 3-6 million around 1925 when the nation’s overall population was ~115 million, meaning that at the Klan’s very peak, no more than 5% of Americans were members of the most prominent and “powerful” white supremacist group the nation has ever seen. Whites already were supreme during the Klan’s heyday. White people didn’t think of themselves as white supremacists because there was no need to do so.

Today, when the Klan is trying to reassert white supremacism through shock and awe and scare tactics (at least that’s what we’re told; the Klan is totally irrelevant in modern life. I’ve never seen a Klansman or a burning cross. Have you?), its membership is no more than 5-8 THOUSAND nationally. And Lord knows if a burning cross were ever found on the front lawn of a nonwhite in 2019 it would be all over the news for weeks on end. It would also probably be a complete set-up/false flag, like virtually all the alleged “hate incidents” in this country today–there’s so many that someone even set up an online database to keep track of them all.

There has never been a time in American history where white supremacism as we know it was looked on favorably. Not when whites were supreme, and certainly not now when whites have lost their supremacy.

To understand why white supremacy was not a thing even when whites were supreme in America, imagine someone calling a universally black country like the Congo “black supremacist.” Yeah, no shit blacks are supreme in the Congo. They have no need for black supremacism because there is no doubt it already is in place. Duh. The term “Black supremacism” is just as irrelevant in the Congo today as the term “white supremacism” was in America in 1930.

The overwhelming majority of the country maintaining its own supremacy is simply the obvious and unavoidable reality of things. It’s not a conscious ideology, it’s simply the way things are and have always been. A white country can’t be white supremacist unless it goes around killing foreigners for being nonwhite. Nazi Germany was arguably the only white supremacist country in history.

What’s truly abnormal and unheard of is a predominantly white country becoming anti-white and nonwhite supremacist, but that’s a topic for another day.

A contrasting ideology can only come from people who don’t live under it. In other words, I can’t be a white supremacist in a society where whites are already supreme. You can’t be seeking what you already have.

So Steve King can’t have been saying “white supremacism” used to have a positive connotation in America because it never really did. If you went back in time and asked a white American from 1930 if he was a “white supremacist,” he’d be confused and probably ask you why on earth he would need to be a “white supremacist” in a thoroughly white nation where whites already reigned supreme.

What people really mean when they use the term “white supremacist” is better expressed by the term “white revanchist.”

Anyway, this is kind of a moot point since clearly nobody in the Republican Party Establishment cares. The horse is already way out of the barn here. They are stumbling over one another to condemn King for something he didn’t say in ever harsher terms, each virtue signaling pussy trying to outdo the last virtue signaling pussy.

This is because Republican politicians live to please the left.

They claim to reject identity politics and to despise the left, yet their entire lives revolve around convincing the left that We’re Not Racists.

It would just be nice if Republican politicians got even half as incensed when a leftist calls for the evisceration of white males as they do the moment a Republican is even accused of saying something “white supremacist.”

It’s pretty crazy to think that the GOP relies virtually entirely on white people and yet constantly goes out of its way to distance itself from any politician that dares even mention the white race in a favorable light.

GOP politicians immediately went into self-flogging mode and began the usual up-and-down repudiation of The White Racist, because their highest priority is to please the left, and they don’t really have room for anything else.

Because this time will be different, they tell themselves.

“After we throw Steve King under the bus,” they tell themselves, “the media will never call us racist again!”

And one day, Lucy let Charlie Brown kick the football.


The left has essentially convinced the Republican Party to destroy itself in the face of false accusations of Racism.

Here’s how it works, over and over again:

  1. Republican is accused of RACISM, the most cardinal of cardinal sins in our Modern, Progressive, Diverse America.
  2. Republican politicians compete with one another to disavow and excommunicate the accused RACIST in strongest possible terms.
  3. Republican voters get demoralized at their leaders both bending to the left’s will and instinctively believing the left’s lies.
  4. Number of prominent Republican voices shrinks.

Rinse and repeat.

It’s like Republican politicians are all competing to be the Last Republican Standing after all the others’ careers have been destroyed by false accusations of racism, which were nevertheless given merit by other Republican politicians acting as if they were undoubtedly true.

I wonder if Virtue Signaling Republican Pussy X, as he’s virtue signaling about Steve King’s alleged Racism to a group of reporters, knows, deep down, that Virtue Signaling Republican Pussy Y– virtue signaling to a different group of reporters a few steps away–will sell X out in a heartbeat if X happens to be the next one falsely accused of racism.

Do they realize this?

Does Kevin McCarthy realize that when the left comes for him–oh, and it will, it’s only a matter of when–that all the Republicans virtue signalers now joining him in condemning Steve King will not hesitate for one second to throw McCarthy himself under the bus?

They’re all competing to be the Last Republican Standing and win the grand prize of Never Being Called A Racist Again by the Lying Left!*

*terms subject to change.

I wrote several weeks ago that Republicans are the only ones who actually believe the nonsense the Democrats peddle about “racial progress,” “fighting hatred” and “diversity. It’s moments like this that prove it.

The Democratic Party is chock full of hateful racists today and Democrats do no care a lick. You can’t take two steps without tripping over a preacher of racial hatred like Louis Farrakhan or some blue checkmark “journalist” screeching about how white men are a cancer on humanity, and yet none of them are ever repudiated for it. They’re all in the good graces of the Democratic Party.

And that’s because the Democratic Party actually loves racism. Just not the kind of “racism” we’ve been told is the only form that exists, i.e. white racism against nonwhites.

“THAT’S RACIST!” cried the people who have made hatred of white people the centerpiece of their entire political movement.

Democrats are completely full of it on race.

Democrat politicians do not want more racial diversity, at least not in their own neighborhoods. They all live in predominantly white, wealthy places.

But Republican politicians really do mean it when they say “Diversity is our strength.”

When their kids’ schools get too “diverse,” Democrats send their kids to private schools.

It’s only Republicans who buy into the left’s propaganda. They’re the only ones who actually call out “racism,” even if it’s mostly nonexistent, in their own party.

Meanwhile here’s Maxine Waters embracing Louis Farrakhan:

Farrakhan once said that white people are a “race of Devils” and that Jews are “termites.”

Is there any chance Democrats disavow Waters for her warm embrace of a notorious racist and bigot? Hey, stop laughing!

They won’t even condemn Farrakhan himself!

There are more anti-white tweets from blue-checked leftists than you can count, but are the Democrats ever called upon to answer for their party’s alarming level of racism?


Of course not.

Because Democrats don’t actually believe in “fighting hate” and “anti-racism.”

In fact, they’re the most racist of all. Democrats are so much more racist against white people than white people are against nonwhites.

And that’s why they and their Republican lapdogs have come out so viciously against Steve King. Steve King isn’t even a “white supremacist,” he’s merely an unapologetic nationalist who opposes the rather obvious demographic transformation being pushed  by Democrats against white Americans.

And for that, he must be isolated and destroyed. Because the Democrats’ war on white America must continue completely unobstructed.

Their goal is to crush any and all dissent. Even a largely-unknown Congressman from rural Iowa attempting to stand in their way cannot be tolerated at all. He must be destroyed.

And the worst part of it all is the Establishment GOP could not be more eager and willing to not only assist them but do most of the heavy lifting for them.

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