CNN “Analyst” Accuses Sirius XM Host David Webb of Benefiting From White Privilege, Has No Idea Webb Is Actually Black

This is rich:

Of course the CNN “analyst” instinctively tries to accuse someone of white privilege without even knowing their race.

This is a revealing glimpse into how their minds work.

“You’re only successful because of your white privilege!”

“I’m black.”


The CNN “analyst,” upon realizing that one does¬†not¬†need “white privilege” to succeed in America, then humbly vowed to reevaluate her grievance-based ideology. “Y’know, maybe I was wrong about this,” she mused. “I’ve got a lot to learn. Maybe I was blinded by racial resentment and am being held back not by white oppression, but by my own victim mentality. This has been a real epiphany for me. Trump 2020!”

Just kidding. She didn’t say any of that.

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