Get Woke, Go Broke: Gillette Edition

Gillette Razors: Men (Mainly the White Ones) Fucking Suck and Need to Stop Sucking So Much. So buy our overpriced razors and Shave Off All That Toxic Masculinity, or something.

Brilliant marketing strategy by Gillette.

The company literally exists to sell razors to men. Their motto used to be, “The Best A Man Can Get.”

And now they’re like, “Actually, fuck men.”

I’m sure that’s going to work out tremendously.

Here’s the new video they put out:

Be sure to go to the actual YouTube page and give it a downvote. Right now it’s sitting at a beautiful ratio of 270k upvotes to 653k downvotes. We can do better than that.

By far the worst conclusion to be opportunistically drawn from the #MeToo movement by the cultural elite was that sexual assault wasn’t just a Hollywood problem, but in fact a general male problem.

Harvey Weinstein wasn’t a product of a corrupt movie industry which has a long and dark history of preying on and discarding beautiful young women like objects–no, Harvey Weinstein was proof that men in general are the problem.

Harvey Weinstein is a sexual predator because he’s a man, and there’s a Harvey Weinstein side to all men.

That’s the message this Gillette commercial is pushing. Michael Walsh elaborates on this:

“The Me Too movement didn’t “change” anything for most of us. It is obviously insulting, not to mention absurd, to suggest that men, as a whole, experienced some sort of great awakening when Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, and Kevin Spacey got in trouble. We already knew that it’s wrong to rape. We were already well aware that harassment is not okay. There is not a single man on Earth who watched a news report about Weinstein, slapped his forehead, and said, “Oh! So we’re not supposed to do that? Alright then! My mistake!” Even the men who do those things already knew they weren’t supposed to do them. They do the things anyway because they are evil, and that’s what evil people do.

But the vast majority of men are not rapists or harassers and were, prior to this past year, already staunchly opposed to both activities. There was nothing epiphanic or revolutionary about Me Too for us.”

The only thing #MeToo taught us–well, confirmed to those of us whose lives don’t revolve around Celebrity Culture–was that Hollywood is a depraved cesspit full of heinous perverts and predators.

We normal guys already knew rape was bad. Because we were raised by good parents in Christian homes.

We didn’t learn that Rape Is Bad only after a bunch of Democrats got exposed.

We’ve always known. Democrats in Hollywood were the ones who didn’t. Quit grouping us in with them.

But there’s another message in the video beyond just Gillette’s shameless piggybacking off of the #MeToo movement.

Gillette, of course, is not condemning all men in their video. Only certain ones. If you watch the video, you can see they were clearly focusing on a specific subset of men.

All the bad guys are white. I’m sure this is just a huge coincidence and not due to Gillette trying to push a political message that WHITE MEN BAD, BROWN MEN GOOD. The rapey Businessman boss placing his hand uncomfortably on a female employee’s shoulder: white. All those outrageous white dudes barbecuin’ and getting their Dead Animal Smoke everywhere: white. The TV actor pretending to grope the black woman character: white.

Virtually all the good guys are nonwhite. I’m sure this is a huge coincidence, too. You’ve got popular Hollywood actor Terry Crews saying “men need to hold other men accountable.” Bravo. Then you’ve got the black guy at the party who steps in to save those women from the douchey white guy hitting on them. Then another black guy stops a white guy from aggressively going after a hot chick on the street. A black father is seen being loving and encouraging with his young daughter. The last good guy is a white dad who stops a kid from hitting another. They threw him in there to make it less obvious what they were trying to do.

A Reddit user made a tally: “43 males exhibit “undesirable” behavior, 42 white, 1 black. 7 males exhibit “desirable” behavior, 5 black, 2 white.”

I’d like to be able to ignore the fact that Gillette went out of its way to portray white men as particularly evil, and simply focus on the fact that Gillette went out of its way to insult its core market of men in general, but I can’t.

Just like it’s not telling the whole story to say Gillette’s ad attacks men in general, it’s also not telling the whole story to say there’s a greater cultural war against men in general.

There’s a war on white men, specifically.

Most people bashing the Gillette ad are too afraid of being called “alt-right” or “white nationalist” or “white supremacist” to point out this rather obvious fact, but it’s true. Call me what you want; I’m only pointing out an objective truth.

The narrator of the commercial never used the word “white” and was speaking about men in general, but the images Gillette used made it abundantly clear who they were really going after.

Of course, none of Gillette’s “White Men Are The Problem” nonsense is actually borne out by reality. According to the FBI, in 2016, there were over 18 million arrests made for rape. Of those arrests, 67% were white, 29% black. However, the “white” category also includes Hispanics. Hispanics are considered as “white” in terms of race, but a separate “ethnicity,” and the share of rape arrests by Hispanics is 27%.

So: 40% non-Hispanic white, 29% black, 27% Hispanic. Of course, America overall is 61% non-Hispanic white, 13% black and 16% Hispanic, meaning whites are far less likely to rape than blacks or Hispanics, according to FBI statistics.

I hate that I have to bring up these stats and compare the races to see which is the “rapiest,” but I didn’t start this fight.

Gillette and the Uniparty Establishment it represents started it.

They’re the ones who singled white men out as uniquely dangerous, even though the statistics don’t bear that out.

But of course, the statistics (i.e. reality) don’t matter to Gillette: White men are the enemy because they don’t vote Democrat.

Fuck you, Gillette.


Men defeated the Nazis, went to the moon, built the railroads and the interstates, brought the world out of darkness with electricity, connected it with the internet and the telephone, and police the streets to keep you safe at night. We carry people out of burning buildings; raise, harvest, slaughter and deliver your food; extract your oil from the earth, and make sure your homes are warm in the winter.

Without “toxic masculinity,” the man-hating feminists and soyboy betas would all be dead in a week.

Gillette is owned by Procter & Gamble, so be sure to boycott not only Gillette razors but these other brands as well:


Get woke, go broke.

PS: Boys will be boys, alright.



  1. rawgod says:

    I’m glad you have such a nice picture of yourself. Repubs don’t beat their women. They don’tt kill their women. They are all enlightened. Screw you. I’m white. I’m a man. And I see every day how men are, and their political stance has nothing to do with anything. There are more men pigs than men lambs. Rapes occur everywhere, everyday, not just in Hollywood. More domestic violence is perpetrated by males than females. You can call it racism, nice try. Gilette chose to pay more white men than non-whites. That is racism.
    Whoever the hell you think you are, you are perpetuating hatred and violence. I hope you die the way you want to live.

  2. Adam says:

    Thank you for the great article. Ignore the moron that felt the need to keep attacking, it’s their brainwashing.

    1. Austin Frank says:

      Thanks. And yeah, it’s difficult to convince someone who has been brainwashed. They have to have an epiphany on their own.

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