Tolerant and Progressive Leftists, Who NEVER Delve into Conspiracy Theorism, Convinced Trump is Blackmailing Lindsey Graham for Being Secretly Gay

The Uniparty “media” cannot conceive of any decent person willfully supporting President Donald Trump (and, by definition, opposing the Uniparty), so they ascribe Trump support to us either being evil, racist, unbelievably stupid, or all three (usually it’s all three).

Writing off our Trump support as a product of evil and/or stupidity is how Uniparty elites comfort themselves and avoid the rather obvious truths that they are massively unpopular, their globalist ideology has failed horribly over the past few decades, and that the party is basically over for them as their chickens come home to roost.

In order to explain to themselves why Lindsey Graham has recently become one of Trump’s loudest and most prominent supporters, they’ve concocted this story that Trump is blackmailing Graham over Graham’s supposed closet homosexuality.

It’s not just the blown-out whore Chelsea Handler saying this, either. Newly-elected Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar (you know, the other “YAAAS QUEEN! THE FUTURE IS FEMALE AND MUSLIM! HIJABS ARE LIBERATING!” Congresswoman) pushed this rumor on CNN yesterday:

It was too much for even CNN. Of course, they didn’t scold her for being homophobic, like they certainly would’ve if a Republican was floating gay rumors about a prominent Democrat; they merely asked her to provide some evidence to back up her claim, which she could not do, obviously.

Here’s my question about Trump supposedly blackmailing Lindsey Graham: why now? There have been rumors about Graham being gay for years. He’s in his 60s and has never married. He’s been in the Senate for over a decade. The idea that Graham is secretly gay is nothing new. He probably is.

So why didn’t Trump “blackmail” Graham from the start of the campaign back in 2015? Remember, Graham was a candidate for President way back when. He didn’t make it very far, but he was running. Why didn’t Trump blackmail him from the start?

You think Trump has only now become aware of the “Graham is gay” rumors? Trump is the king of rumors. He’s good friends with the editor of the National Enquirer. He knew disgraced former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was a perverted scumbag years before any of the #MeToo stories dropped about him. I don’t buy for a second that Trump only recently became aware of the Graham rumors. He’s probably known about them for years.

And if Graham is being blackmailed by Trump, why does Graham occasionally side against the President? He did yesterday over the matter of Trump canceling Nancy Pelosi’s overseas trip:

I bet this is all part of Trump’s sinister plan to not make the blackmailing too obvious.

Trump probably contacted Graham yesterday afternoon and said, “Hey, Liberace, they’re on to us; tweet out something negative about me to throw them off.”

I’m sure this happened.

A couple things:

  1. I thought the left was too #Smart and #Virtuous to believe in conspiracy theories? I thought they were above that? I was under the impression that we nutty right-wingers are the only ones who believe in conspiracy theories?
  2. How does this Graham speculation not fall under the category of “OMG HOMOPHOBIA!!!!”? Even if Graham is gay–and I’d bet he probably is–then what’s the big deal? Even if the left is simply attacking Trump for blackmailing Graham over his alleged homosexuality, shouldn’t the #Tolerant and #Progressive leftists be rushing to the defense of a Gay Man Being Victimized By A Straight White Oppressor? Instead they’re throwing every gay slur in the book at Graham, calling him a cocksucker and all sorts of things. Shouldn’t they instead be saying, “President Trump, LEAVE LINDSEY GRAHAM ALONE! Your homophobia has no place in America in 2019! There is NOTHING WRONG with Graham being gay!” Their wrath is trained clearly on Graham here, not Trump. Seems like #VictimBlaming if you ask me.

Why can’t the left make up its mind about Trump? Is he literally retarded and possibly completely out of his mind, or is he an Evil Genius, as they’re suggesting with this blackmail conspiracy? Which is it? Is Trump dumber than a four year old child, or is he a scheming, megalomaniacal super genius?

The Colbert Late Show tried to be funny asserting the former:

Is Trump a three year old who writes with crayon, or is he a ruthless, Machiavellian schemer blackmailing Lindsey Graham? It can’t be both.

Also worth pointing out for the umpteenth time: the left cannot meme. This just isn’t funny. People who are full of raging hatred have no room for humor.

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  1. “Hey, Liberace, they’re on to us; tweet out something negative about me to throw them off.”

    Now that’s funny! I laughed so hard my side hurts! Thanks, Austin!

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