The Real Racism Problem in America

Absolutely disgusting:

This is a video shot by “Black Israelites” protesting at the Lincoln Memorial the day of the encounter between Covington Catholic students and a crazy, toothless fraudster Indian.

Some of the most racist quotes:

[To a black student with the white Covington Catholic students] “You got all these dirty ass crackas behind you, with red ‘Make America Great Again’ hats on, your coon ass: you wanna fight your brothers!”

“You, nigga! With all these crackers with racist-ass Make America Great hats. Get your Uncle Tom ass outta here!”

“Look at all these peckerwoods [. . .] Look at all these dusty-ass crackas! With that racist garbage on!”

And towards the end, “Look at this mob of dirty animals.”

This guy–and many, many others like him–really believes it’s not possible to be racist against white people. No matter how vile and racist his statements objectively are, he gets to be openly racist against white people because White People Are Racist!

White Teenagers in MAGA Hats: *literally just standing there*


And it’s the white teenagers in MAGA hats who are the racists.

It really is astounding that the recent spread of racism against whites is justified because… WHITE PEOPLE ARE RACIST!

Imagine having such little self-awareness that you launch into a barrage of racism against a person or group of people because you believe them to be racist.

Who are the victims of “institutional racism”? Well, think of it this way: White people have to look over their shoulder before sharing any slightly off-color joke. But these black Israelite guys did not think twice before recording themselves yelling hateful and noxious racism at a group of white teenagers. They recorded this themselves, then posted it online. They were proud of what they said!

And nothing will happen to them. They won’t be banned from social media, they won’t lose their jobs, they won’t face legal action.

Yes, we do live in a racist society. Anti-white racism is allowed in America. By not punishing or condemning it, our society encourages it.

Things are getting to a dangerous point.

The demonization and dehumanization (a term the left loves) of white people in America is almost complete. Soon white people will be so reviled that virtually any act of aggression against them will be not only tolerated but encouraged.

Social media platforms routinely ignore the most vile and monstrous rhetoric imaginable when it’s directed against white people, even children, including violent fantasies and death threats. Ignoring it is de facto endorsement.

I got a 12-hour “time out” from Twitter for calling Jim Acosta a “dumbass,” but leftists can fantasize about shoving white children into woodchippers and nothing happens.

We cannot count on the Uniparty media to save us. The Uniparty media is all too happy to automatically presume guilt and malice on the part of a white person even if the white person is in reality the victim. The Uniparty media is fully on board with Kill Whitey.

The Republican Party is more likely to apologize for mythical White Privilege than it is to call out anti-white racism. Republicans were stumbling over themselves to denounce the Covington Catholic kids within seconds of the story breaking, even without researching it for themselves.

President Trump has only just now weighed in on the Covington Catholic situation:

Wish he would have said more, but at least he said something.

For now, we are on our own. It’s only going to get worse.

The left has stoked such a visceral hatred against whites that people erupt in uncontrollable hatred and rage at the sight of a white person in a Trump hat.


Your kind ain’t welcome around here, racist!

Of course they don’t have rights, they’re RACIST!

Whoever said “racist” has become the n-word for whites was right.

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