Ben Shapiro: Front-Runner

When the leftwing mob comes for you, Ben Shapiro will not be there to defend you.

In fact, he’ll probably take the leftwing mob’s claims at face value and rush to condemn you, like he did with the Covington Catholic kids:


His initial move was to retweet this:


Because Ben is the Good Kind Of Republican, and everyone needs to know it.

Also, he’s since gone back and un-retweeted this.

When the tide turned and it became clear that the Covington Kids were being railroaded by the lying “media,” Ben quickly ran to the front of the line and began #OwningTheLibs:


Be sure to buy a “Liberal Tears” mug in the Daily Wire store.

This is our supposed Greatest Champion. This is the guy who is going to deliver us to the promised land by #owning every last lib.

Get real. This front-running fraud is more concerned with being on the Right Side of History (the title of his new book) which basically means being the first to condemn Trump and the right the moment the “media” trots out its latest Fake Story.

Whenever the Uniparty media comes out with a “bombshell” fake story about Trump and Russia, look at Ben’s Twitter feed. He’ll invariably be tweeting out something along the lines of, “Wow. If true, this is really, really bad for Trump.” Or, “If true, there’s no way Trump survives this.” Or, “This is simply unacceptable, if true.”

Ben always presumes good faith on the part of the “media” even though it has proven time and again to be acting in bad faith. Ben presumes guilt on the part of Trump and his supporters because the “media” said so.

Then, when the “story” inevitably unravels due to pressure and skepticism from real rightwingers, and the “story” is shown to be yet another of the Uniparty media’s failed and exposed propaganda operations, Ben Shapiro will put out viral videos of himself DESTROYING and WRECKING the media’s lies.

Playing by the Uniparty media’s rules and automatically adhering to its assumptions and then opportunistically turning around to attack the Uniparty media for clicks and views. That’s True Conservatism, folks.

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