#RESISTED: Senate Votes to Remain in Afghanistan, Against Trump’s Wishes

Take THAT, Drumpf! You WILL NOT put a stop to our Endless Wars:

“The U.S. Senate cannot agree on anything. They are so mired in partisan gridlock, a resolution declaring the sky to be officially the color blue would fail along party lines. But there is one thing and one thing only they agree on: 17 years of our troops dying in Afghanistan isn’t long enough.

By a 68-23 margin, the Senate decided we haven’t spilled enough blood, broken enough soldiers (mentally and physically), or spent enough money. All for a now-aimless conflict in a part of the world Americans don’t even care about.

What began as an attempt to hunt down Osama bin Laden has now become a generational conflict where sons are patrollingthe same areas as their fathers did. This no longer a war. This has become a hopeless mission to tame a part of the world that has never been and will never be tamed.

Afghanistan is a rugged, tribal nation with different interests than ours. As with so many parts of the world, the strong will rule over the weak there, and there is precious little America can do about that. That is why we’re now resigned to negotiating a peace deal with the very Taliban we’ve been fighting for 17 years.”

Orange Man has been RESISTED! Yaaassss! Slay, queens! The Senate is lit!

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It is absolutely imperative that we remain in Afghanistan for, what reason, exactly?

What are our objectives? How can we “win” this war that has been going on for over 17 years now?

What would a victory look like, how long would it take to achieve, what steps need to be taken to achieve victory, and what is the probability of achieving that victory?

We don’t have any answers for those basic, essential questions that you would assume our Elected Leaders would be asking about any war.

We don’t have those answers now, nor have we at any point in the past 17 years.

My younger brother was born three weeks after the War in Afghanistan began (official date October 7, 2001). In a little over 8 months time, my brother will turn 18 and be eligible to go fight in a war that began before he was born.

There is something deeply wrong with a ruling class that gives us that situation.

We often hear from neocons “We fight over there so they don’t come here.”

But these are the same people who viciously oppose any and all immigration restrictions, including a border wall that would only keep illegals out, and a travel ban that targets failed nations that have a high probability of allowing terrorists to travel here.

They claim to oppose terrorism, but what exactly would these open-borders neocon warmongers do about it if a terrorist actually did try to come here?

Beltway Neocons: “We need to keep fighting foreign wars so terrorists in those countries don’t come here and kill us on our soil.”

Trump: “How about we just stop fighting these endless, pointless and unwinnable wars and simply restrict travel from problem countries?”


If a terrorist in Afghanistan or Syria got on a plane intending to go to the US, and Trump tried to deny him entry to the US, the left and the Neocon Establishment would be all over cable news and probably marching in the streets shrieking, “LET HIM IN! DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH! TRUMP IS A RACIST!”

In their minds, it makes more sense to spend trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives fighting foreign wars to keep terrorists out than it does to enact immigration policies that, I don’t know how else to put this, keep terrorists out.

God forbid we ever even consider curtailing the Military Industrial Complex’s cash cows. Don’t you dare entertain the idea of turning off the Democrats’ stream of new voters. Heaven help you if you even think about denying Corporate America more cheap labor.

Our ruling class is rotten to the core.

We can’t have a wall.

We can’t repeal Obamacare.

We can’t end a 17+ year war that we have no hope of winning.

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Our political system is too far gone. The Swamp will not be drained.

I don’t even get mad about this stuff anymore, honestly, because it only further solidifies my view that there will be a revolt in this country, like we’re seeing in France.

We tried to do it democratically, but our ruling class won’t allow that.

So eventually it will come to revolt.

Every time the Uniparty Ruling Class rejects the will of the people, it only further increases their chances of being overthrown.


  1. As if we need more proof that our elected senators work for us… Clearly, they are indeed always, always in lock step with their Deep State/Globalist/NeoCon masters.

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