Kamala Harris Lies to Sound Cool, Fails Hilariously

Kamala “The Whore” Harris, a Democratic Presidential candidate, tried to be cool and relate to the #Youths by claiming she was smoking hella weed and bumping Tupac during her college days, even though she was well out of college by the 1990s:

Daaaaamn, bro! Weed is so tight! I’m totally voting for her! She’s, like, so chill and all about the good vibes, breh. Sick, sick.

I’m surprised she didn’t say she was listening to Travis Scott and popping molly during her college years.

Harris, of course, didn’t want to reveal her true age, which is 54. I get the sense she’s trying to make it seem like she’s about 10 years younger than she is.

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    she ho

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