Democrats Think You’re Stupid

They think you’re too stupid to see through this BS:

Anyone angry about this is an NPC. Straight-up.

The Democrats believe they can trick you into being angry at Orange Man by telling you he stole money from your tax refund and gave it to Already Wealthy Corporations.

The Democrats think you’re stupid enough to believe a lower tax refund means you haven’t benefitted from the tax cuts.

And the sad part is, a lot programmed NPCs will fall for this garbage.

No shit.

The more you pay in taxes, the higher your tax return.

The less you pay in taxes, the lower your tax return.

Democrats are dishonestly trying to trick people–people the Democrats have already made dumb via public schooling, and predisposed to believe the Democrats’ anti-Trump lies via media brainwashing–into believing a lower tax refund means they got screwed.

Really, how can we continue to coexist with these Democrats when they repeatedly act and argue in bad faith? How long can our nation remain united (lol) and intact when Democrats have zero interest in actually pursuing its interests?

They care only about seizing and maintaining power. Improving your lives doesn’t matter a whit to them. Everything a Democrat does and says is designed to seize and maintain power.

They wrecked the inner cities and black families in order to blame it on whitey and keep black people voting 90% Democrat. They ruined the American education system in order to turn schools into brainwashing factories. Don’t even get me started on immigration.

And now Dems are straight-up lying about the tax cuts to stoke a false anger among the public directed at Republicans and the rich, which Dems plan to capitalize on to win the next election.

The Democrats don’t care about your personal finances. They care about stoking and capitalizing on misplaced anger to get elected.

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  1. Matt says:

    Great article! It’s time we call them out for who they are!

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