American Apartheid

Ace of Spades:

“Tim Pool mentioned in a post about this general subject matter [Update: I believe it was in this video discussing PayPal’s reliance on the leftwing extremist front group the SPLC to tell them who to ban] that the creation of parallel/shadow institutions was a necessary precondition for an actual civil war, as people need access to money and credit, and they can only get that in a civil war if there are now separate Blue and Gray systems.”

But that will never happen because the banking system in America is run by a small amount of Fed-supported megabanks (who were Too Big to Fail in 2008 and have only grown in size since then). You can’t just bust into the banking sector. It’s a cartel.

“It’s an interesting and provocative idea — and certainly one that has a lot of support in Neocon and Foreign Liberal Internationalist thinking. Those pillars of foreign policy establishment thinking have long claimed that “countries that trade together don’t go to war with each other,” and have sold trade deals only partly on the economics, seeing them mostly as instruments to create and preserve peace.

Well, then: shared commerce and finance keeps America knitted together in peace too, right?”

Presumably, but I have a feeling America is about to test that hypothesis.

“But what happens when major corporations, especially those involved in finance and the free exchange of ideas in order to further the aims of participatory democracy, decide they’re going to effectively exile half the country out of the normal systems of the country?

What happens when half of America won’t buy bread from the other half of America, and half of America won’t issue a mortgage to half of America based on their failing a Political Test and Corporate Loyalty Oath?

What happens to the idea that peoples that trade together can’t go to war with each other then?

The left is driving this nation to the brink of actual civil war, and the corporatist Neocons and #MuhPrinciples cucks are stupidly, ignorantly assisting them in doing so because they don’t like how half of the country voted in a single presidential election.”

What happens is we get civil war.

I have taken to calling it “21st Century Jim Crow,” Ace throws the term Apartheid around and that would also be applicable. American Apartheid:

“Tim Pool [often discusses] the “bifurcation” process going on in America, in which large corporations are forcing the populace to de-couple from each other and form their own parallel and separate communications and finance structures — permitting and even encouraging civil war (or at least civil violence).

If the left wants to be free of us, I understand — but then, we must negotiate a full and formal political separation. The left cannot attempt to exile us and yet keep us prisoner under their thumbs.

You want done with us? I could not rush to agree with your impulse any faster.

But done means DONE. We will not accept your plan of keeping us a second (at best) class citizens under your rule.

A national divorce? Absolutely.

Apartheid, with a ruling progressive class and subjugated conservatives? No.”

This is the most twisted part of it all: if the left cannot tolerate us at all, then at least allow us to go our separate way.

Instead, they want to torment and oppress us. It is sadistic.

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  1. One of the upsides to cryptocurrencies is the fact it’s decentralized – no central authority deciding who participates or not.

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