Month: February 2019

Holy Shit

Democrats are the Party of Science, and don’t you forget it:

The header picture is a “female” powerlifter from New Zealand named Laurel Hubbard (born Gavin Hubbard). “Laurel” destroyed her biologically female competition by over 19kg (over 42lbs) because “Laurel” is a man.

These leftists just have to ruin everything, don’t they?


“Media” Brainwashing Works

I present to you the result of American “media” propaganda:

This kid has no idea why he’s kneeling. He only knows that he’s seen Famous People On TV kneeling for the national anthem.

Propaganda works. Our children are being indoctrinated by evil people to believe lies.


Liberal White Women in NYC: Get Ready for DIVERSITY!

The streets of New York City are about to be Enriched™ by Muslim Community Patrols. Isn’t this wonderful?

Now, white millennial liberal women in New York don’t have to travel abroad to experience other cultures–other cultures are coming to them!

“[Maeen Ali] will spend most of his time sitting in a white Ford Taurus that is detailed to look like a police squad car with red and white emergency lights.

Mr Ali is among the first 30 members of the all-volunteer Muslim Community Patrol & Services that is preparing to operate in neighbourhoods in Brooklyn, with a goal of growing its fleet of two cars to five by the end of the month and eventually expanding citywide. The group recently held a training led by off-duty officers from the police department’s 72nd precinct.

“It’s like a neighbourhood watch but on steroids,” said Noor Rabah, the group’s 31-year-old vice president who lives in Sunset Park.”

Now, they claim these Muslim Patrols are to protect Muslims from hate crimes, which are supposedly skyrocketing in Trump’s America™, but the only hate crimes on the rise are fake hate crimes carried out with the goal of smearing Trump and his voters.

“Maeen Ali remembers the worry he felt when he first spotted the “Punish a Muslim Day” screed online.

The letter, mailed last spring throughout England, encouraged violence that ranged from pulling off a woman’s head scarf to bombing mosques. Each attack, the letter instructed, would be rewarded with points. The hate campaign prompted the police in New York and other big cities to expand patrols around mosques and Islamic centres on the specified day.

Mr Ali, who lives in downtown Brooklyn, said he was consumed by thoughts of his four children’s safety.

“That just boiled inside of me,” said Mr Ali, who moved to the United States from Yemen in 1990. “That’s when I said to myself that it was really important to come out and protect Muslims in the community.”

He added, “I have to stand up.”

No word on whether “Punish A Muslim Day” actually resulted in any Muslims being punished. More than likely it was a set-up, like every other anti-minority hate crime in the West these days.

Regardless, this always-around-the-corner pervasive Muslim hatred is all the proof we need: Muslims are under attack from Evil Whites and need to take matters into their own hands.

The real reason for these Muslim Community Patrols is to enforce Sharia. Muslims in London are already doing it.

Sharia Law: coming to a trendy Brooklyn neighborhood near you!

I’m sure all the liberal millennial white chicks will love being shouted at to cover up, and all the gay New Yorkers will love being called “dirty fags.”

Diversity is Our Strength!™

Don’t forget, Trump is the one oppressing you!

#RESISTED: Senate Votes to Remain in Afghanistan, Against Trump’s Wishes

Take THAT, Drumpf! You WILL NOT put a stop to our Endless Wars:

“The U.S. Senate cannot agree on anything. They are so mired in partisan gridlock, a resolution declaring the sky to be officially the color blue would fail along party lines. But there is one thing and one thing only they agree on: 17 years of our troops dying in Afghanistan isn’t long enough.

By a 68-23 margin, the Senate decided we haven’t spilled enough blood, broken enough soldiers (mentally and physically), or spent enough money. All for a now-aimless conflict in a part of the world Americans don’t even care about.

What began as an attempt to hunt down Osama bin Laden has now become a generational conflict where sons are patrollingthe same areas as their fathers did. This no longer a war. This has become a hopeless mission to tame a part of the world that has never been and will never be tamed.

Afghanistan is a rugged, tribal nation with different interests than ours. As with so many parts of the world, the strong will rule over the weak there, and there is precious little America can do about that. That is why we’re now resigned to negotiating a peace deal with the very Taliban we’ve been fighting for 17 years.”

Orange Man has been RESISTED! Yaaassss! Slay, queens! The Senate is lit!

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 10.33.19 AM.png

It is absolutely imperative that we remain in Afghanistan for, what reason, exactly?

What are our objectives? How can we “win” this war that has been going on for over 17 years now?

What would a victory look like, how long would it take to achieve, what steps need to be taken to achieve victory, and what is the probability of achieving that victory?

We don’t have any answers for those basic, essential questions that you would assume our Elected Leaders would be asking about any war.

We don’t have those answers now, nor have we at any point in the past 17 years.

My younger brother was born three weeks after the War in Afghanistan began (official date October 7, 2001). In a little over 8 months time, my brother will turn 18 and be eligible to go fight in a war that began before he was born.

There is something deeply wrong with a ruling class that gives us that situation.

We often hear from neocons “We fight over there so they don’t come here.”

But these are the same people who viciously oppose any and all immigration restrictions, including a border wall that would only keep illegals out, and a travel ban that targets failed nations that have a high probability of allowing terrorists to travel here.

They claim to oppose terrorism, but what exactly would these open-borders neocon warmongers do about it if a terrorist actually did try to come here?

Beltway Neocons: “We need to keep fighting foreign wars so terrorists in those countries don’t come here and kill us on our soil.”

Trump: “How about we just stop fighting these endless, pointless and unwinnable wars and simply restrict travel from problem countries?”


If a terrorist in Afghanistan or Syria got on a plane intending to go to the US, and Trump tried to deny him entry to the US, the left and the Neocon Establishment would be all over cable news and probably marching in the streets shrieking, “LET HIM IN! DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH! TRUMP IS A RACIST!”

In their minds, it makes more sense to spend trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives fighting foreign wars to keep terrorists out than it does to enact immigration policies that, I don’t know how else to put this, keep terrorists out.

God forbid we ever even consider curtailing the Military Industrial Complex’s cash cows. Don’t you dare entertain the idea of turning off the Democrats’ stream of new voters. Heaven help you if you even think about denying Corporate America more cheap labor.

Our ruling class is rotten to the core.

We can’t have a wall.

We can’t repeal Obamacare.

We can’t end a 17+ year war that we have no hope of winning.

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 10.17.25 AM.png

Our political system is too far gone. The Swamp will not be drained.

I don’t even get mad about this stuff anymore, honestly, because it only further solidifies my view that there will be a revolt in this country, like we’re seeing in France.

We tried to do it democratically, but our ruling class won’t allow that.

So eventually it will come to revolt.

Every time the Uniparty Ruling Class rejects the will of the people, it only further increases their chances of being overthrown.

Super Bowl Champs: Leftists Now #Triggered by the New England Patriots

The left has decided that we are to have full-spectrum cultural, political and demographic warfare, and now that encompasses the Super Bowl teams.

2019 might mark the first year in American history where the teams in the Super Bowl were politicized. Never before have we seen the left say, “You’re a racist if you cheer for Team X in the Super Bowl.” But leftists always manage to dig the hole this country’s in a little deeper with each passing year:

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 12.26.57 PM.png

“The preferred team of white nationalists.”

It’s no use telling these leftists this stuff is all in their head, and that nobody but them views the Super Bowl teams as stand-ins for competing racial/political movements.

The left is in full-on Race War Mode.

This is a sign of the times. You can clearly tell things are getting worse in America. It was not like this ten years ago. The Super Bowl becoming politicized is a recent thing.

SB Nation (founded by the same lib that founded the Daily Kos) was even triggered by one of Brady’s audible calls:

Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock, however, uncovered the real truth about why the left hates the Patriots so much: because the Patriots have a lot of white guys.

It’s not because the Patriots are racist or because they represent “white nationalism”, but because the left is racist against white people.

We don’t cheer for the Patriots because of what they represent politically or racially. We don’t think like that.

The left, though, hates the Patriots because the left hates white people.

Realize this. Internalize this. Understand what really drives their hatred.

They try to reverse the roles by claiming the Patriots are a symbol of “hate” or racism or white supremacy, but that’s just their excuse to hate them. “We hate them because they are oppressing and victimizing us!”

Remember, “racist” is the n-word for white people. When leftist call us “racist,” the word has the same meaning as when a white person would call a black person the n-word back in the 1950s.

Saying, “The Patriots are racists” is really saying, “The Patriots are a bunch of honkey-ass crackers and I hate them because they have a lot of white players.”