Democrats’ 2020 Platform: Destroy America

First, Democrats want to dumb down the electorate even further by allowing 16-year-olds to vote.

Then they will pivot to abolishing the electoral college to effectively disenfranchise the flyover states and have our elections decided by a few highly populated coastal urban areas. 20 million people live in the New York metro area, 18 million in the greater Los Angeles area, 10 million in the Chicago metro area, 7 million in the Bay Area, 6 million in the DC area, 5 million in South Florida, 4 million in the Seattle area: right there, that’s 70 million people. Game over.

Then they want to increase the size of the Supreme Court and pack it with Democrats.

Abolish ICE, the government agency that protects our borders, in order to allow millions more of illegals to flood in each year. Oh, and Democrats want to give those illegals drivers’ licenses and allow them to vote.

Dems claim border security is not even an issue:

The Democrats have gone so bananas that they make Obama in 2008 look like a straight-up closed-borders nationalist:

Also note the actual journalism on display in someone from CNN actually taking a Democrat to task in a debate. That’s gone now, too.

And for good measure, Democrats are also officially on board with infanticide. Third trimester abortions are now the “conservative” position in their party.

That’ll just about do it for America.

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