The Only Number that Matters in Elections

Last night I was for some reason going through the 2016 election exit polls when I stumbled across the only figure that matters.

No, it’s not the racial voting breakdown.

It’s the American citizenship question: “Were you born a US citizen?”


This explains why Democrats win the popular vote.

This explains fully why Democrats are obsessed with ever-increasing levels of immigration.

In 2016, 9% of the electorate was comprised of individuals who were not born US citizens but rather immigrated here and became citizens.

Those people went for Clinton 64-31.

The remaining 91% of the electorate–those born US citizens–went for Trump 49-45.

It explains everything.

Democrats cannot win with American voters.

So their plan is to swamp American voters with foreigners and win elections that way.

They will do everything they can to increase that 9% number. They want immigrants, not Americans, deciding our elections.

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