A Choice for America: Borders or Avocados?

I think we know which way the millennials will go:

No! Not Avocados! I can’t go one day without avocados! Open borders forever!”

The most affluent and plentiful society in the history of mankind, which has not had to make any serious, collective sacrifice for the greater good since at least the Oil Crisis of 1973, but probably not since World War II is offered a choice: attempt to do something about the mass invasion of your country by way of its southern border, or avocados.

In other words, most of the country does not know the meaning of “sacrifice for the greater good,” and so would be OUTRAGED™ and extremely Mad Online at the prospect of having politics affect their lives in any way whatsoever.

“You’re telling me this situation at the border is going to affect ME personally?! DAMN YOU, DRUMPF!”

It sucks to say but we have become so spoiled as a country that the idea of sacrifice for the greater good is probably completely unacceptable to most Americans. We’ve been at war continuously since 2001 but it’s always been an “over there” war with no real change to domestic American life “over here.” The civilian population has not had to make any sacrifices whatsoever for the war on terror, outside of maybe going through TSA at the airport.

And what a disgrace by NBC News and whichever other Uniparty Propaganda Outlets are pushing this angle: “Open borders are good because guacamole. Mmmmm.”

It’s an even greater disgrace that it’ll actually work on most people.

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  1. Actually, we’ll be just fine with all of the avocados grown in California.

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