Of Course the Biden Bashing is in Bad Faith

I’m seeing a lot of this from our side lately:

Uh, yeah–no shit.

Of course we know Biden’s creepiness is not really a big deal in the grand scheme of things. He’s obviously not in the Harvey Weinstein category nor has he even been accused of any sexual misconduct to speak of. In fact basically all the “allegations” against Biden have been caught on camera and probably aired on national television over the past decade or so.

None of us actually think Biden sniffing a lady’s hair or even resting his hand on her thigh rises to the level of disqualifying or indictable.

But that’s not the point. The point is making the left play by the same rules they make us play by. And that means pretending Biden’s relatively benign creepiness is totally disqualifying and equivalent to forcible rape.

This is what #MeToo has done: mundane physical contact gets conflated with straight-up felony rape.

It was always going to come to this: first came the allegations against Harvey Weinstein and actual genuine sexual predators and rapists, and then came all the “inappropriate touching” or simply “male creepiness” piggybacking and exaggeration to capitalize on the mass hysteria.

The mentality is, “Well, if it’s open season on men and #BelieveWomen is the low standard of proof that must be met, then fire at will.”

Once the floodgates opened, it was inevitable that it would come to this. Once the Weinstein stuff went public, it began a cascade of allegations–some true, some false, some serious, some not serious–based on the presumption that every one would be believed and grouped in with the worst, until finally, everyone just concludes that men are all dangerous predators, period, and that masculinity must be “abolished.”

If that is how the game is to be played, then at the very least Democrats should have to play by those rules, too. If masculinity is toxic, then that includes Democrat men.

Even more important, it wasn’t our side that revived the Creepy Uncle Joe topic. It was his 2020 Democratic Primary rivals, specifically probably the Beto campaign.

This is Democratic fratricide and we’re just egging it on in hopes of causing maximum damage.

So quit your bitching, Principled Conservatives. Quit your moral fretting and stop pretending this is “beneath you.” The leftists you so desperately try to please and gain the moral approval of are the worst offenders at bad faith character assaults.

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