So. Much. White. Privilege.

Being white in America puts you at such an advantage that ethnic minorities are desperate to avoid being counted as white on the next census for fear of missing out on all the great benefits of diversity quotas:

“Certain ethnic groups are opposing their classification as “white” on the upcoming 2020 Census because they say the diversity quotas of corporations and universities will hurt their educational and job opportunities.

Wasn’t there a time in America where people were denied jobs and opportunities due to the color of their skin? I think they had a name for it, but it’s not coming to me. . .

“Arab and Persian residents in the United States told the Los Angeles Times that while they plan to participate in the 2020 Census, they fear they will be lumped in with the racial category of “white” Americans.

The U.S. is home to about three million southwest Asian, North African, and Middle Eastern residents, according to an analysis by the Times. The vast majority, about 80 percent, have called themselves “white” on previous census surveys.

The ethnic groups, though, fear declaring themselves “white” will give them a disadvantage in the education system and job market, as universities and corporations have favored diversity quotas.”

Drop an alien in from outer space and tell him that in a nation of whites and nonwhites, nonwhites get preferential treatment in applying for jobs and colleges, as well as in school funding–oh, and they’re also allowed to be racist and even encouraged to advance racially supremacist ideas and policies. Then ask the alien which group, white or nonwhite, is “privileged.”

The answer is obvious.

Back in the 1960s and 1970s, the Civil Rights movement convinced the ruling political class that, yes, minorities (at that time just black people) really were second-class citizens and that the situation had to rectified. We refer to the period of black oppression preceding the Civil Rights Era as “Jim Crow.”

So the Great Society and Affirmative Action programs of the Johnson and Nixon administrations (yes, even that supposed racist right-winger Nixon was all about affirmative action and big government programs) essentially created a system where, in order to eliminate white privilege, the system would attempt to “make up” for a century of oppression and begin favoring nonwhites over whites.

It was seen as the only way to eventually bring about equality between blacks and whites in America: if the system had for centuries favored whites and oppressed blacks, then it was time for blacks to be favored and whites to more or less take a back seat. In time, due to the preferential treatment, blacks would eventually “catch up” to whites and then we could transition to a system where all the races were treated equally.

That was the idea.

But here’s the thing: the government-enforced preferential treatment and welfare for nonwhites a. backfired disastrously and did not actually improve conditions minority communities, and b. still continues to this day, with no end in sight.

There was no timetable for the affirmative action system; it was just implemented and left in place indefinitely. And so we’ve had a system that favors nonwhites and disfavors whites for over five decades now.


If America is still racist and oppressive to nonwhites, then here’s the question: why is it universally agreed that Jim Crow ended in the mid-1960s?

If America is still extremely racist and oppressive to nonwhites, then what is the present period (1965-present) called? Why don’t we continue to use the term Jim Crow to describe this present-day supposed nightmare for nonwhites?

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