Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez Speaks to Black Crowd, Inexplicably Develops Accent of a Southern Planter from the 1850s

Even though this chick is in the news seemingly daily, I try to avoid contributing to the media-induced national obsession over her by mentioning her sparingly on this site.

People on our side need to understand that if they want to deny the Uniparty propaganda media the ability to dictate the “national conversation” then they probably shouldn’t go along with it so often.

Also, a lot of Conservatives On Twitter™ seem a tad obsessed with her and it’s kind of weird.

But this was impossible to resist. She went before a crowd of black people and then inexplicably began talking like Leo DiCaprio in Django Unchained:

“This is what building power looks lahk. This is what changing the country looks lahk. I’m proud to be a bartender. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.”

Mmmm child, all a y’all gon’ be dead in ’bout twel yeeahs if we don’ do sum’ ’bout this ol’ climate change, y’undastand?

Man, who does she think she is–Hillary Clinton?

A great point by Mike Cernovich on how social media has allowed us to subvert the Uniparty media gatekeepers on virtually everything. In the days before social media, we would have to simply believe the Uniparty media’s account of things:

Undoubtedly a positive development, which is why social media companies are on a mission to boot us all from their platforms. They want to retake the ability to control the narrative and shape our realities.

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