How the Uniparty Works: Republican Pretends to Disagree With Dems on Open Borders

This, right here, is a perfect example of how the Uniparty works: Mitt Romney knows damn well the Democrats will never “put aside the partisan bickering” and do something about the open border–after all, they want thousands of illegals pouring into America every single week.

This is how Romney pretends to disagree with Democrats, and how he can plausibly claim he’s against open borders. “Hey, I tried to get something done on the border, but gosh darnit, wouldn’t you know it? Those Democrats wouldn’t budge!”

Republicans always “call on Congress to act” when they know damn well Congress won’t lift a finger.

But then Republicans can say, “Hey, we tried, but Congress wouldn’t act. Oh well.”

That was the plan all along.

The plan is to be seen raising a big fuss about Those Dastardly Democrats, Darn Them!

But that’s it. No action at all.

Keep in mind that Senator Romney, who supposedly wants to secure the border, voted against President Trump’s emergency declaration to build the wall.

He says we need to go through Congress to secure the border, even though he knows Congress will never, ever, ever in a million years secure the border.

This is how Republicans support open borders while pretending to oppose open borders.

Hopefully you get what I’m talking about when I use the term “Uniparty.”

Here’s how the Uniparty works:

The Democrats call the shots.

The Republicans pretend to oppose the Democrats, but it’s all for show.

It’s all designed to give the American people the impression that they actually have a choice in how their country is governed, when really they don’t.

The Republican Party is like the Washington Generals, that team that always loses to the Harlem Globetrotters.

Republicans are the losers-by-design. They always lose, the Democrats always win.

The only reason the Republican Party exists is to give the public the illusion that America is not a One Party State.

“Hey, we’re not like Communist China or the Soviet Union or North Korea: we actually have a CHOICE when it comes to our politics. We have TWO parties! We’re freeeeeeee!”

Really? We have a choice?

If we have a choice then why is one of our two parties completely and totally impotent?

When has it ever done anything that its voters actually voted for?

The tax cuts? Is that why you voted for Trump? Were tax cuts even mentioned during the 2016 campaign? As I recall it, Trump’s three main points during the campaign were 1. Build the Wall, 2. Drain the Swamp, 3. Hillary is a Crook. That’s why people voted for him. Not tax cuts.

I’m not saying the tax cuts aren’t good–I’m saying they were not top priority for Trump or his voters during the 2016 campaign, and yet as soon as he took office, suddenly tax cuts became top priority.

As far as I can tell, the wall is not built, the swamp is not drained and Hillary is not in prison. But we got some tax cuts.

So please, try again: when has the Republican Party ever done anything that its voters actually voted for?

Oh, we get “conservative judges” on the federal judiciary?

Then why have multiple judges appointed by Republican George W. Bush overturned Trump Administration policies? Why is it a well-documented phenomenon that Supreme Court Justices get more liberal the longer they serve? Why has Chief Justice John Roberts, appointed by George W. Bush, slowly drifted leftward over time and now become the court’s “swing vote”?

And most importantly, why don’t we ever see the opposite happen–that is, why don’t we see Democrat-appointed judges drift to the right over time?

Why is it always “conservative” judges getting more liberal with age?

Because that’s how the Uniparty system is designed. That is how the political system in America works nowadays. We live in a one-party state.

We laugh at all those supposedly inferior foreign countries like Russia and Turkey with controlled and token opposition parties–“haha, idiots, they think they actually have a choice in their elections.” but the joke is also on us: that’s how America works, too.

Just like democracy in Russia, Turkey and China is a sham, it has become a sham here, too. It’s just that most of us don’t yet realize it.

There are Democrats, and Democrats who call themselves Republicans.

That’s it.

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