Nielsen’s Firing As Homeland Security Boss is a Small Victory Against the Uniparty Swamp

This had to happen. There was no way the person in charge of securing the homeland could keep her job in the midst of the biggest foreign invasion of the homeland since the Alamo in 1836:

“Nielsen’s resignation as DHS secretary comes amid a surge of illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border and an expanded Catch and Release policy that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency has been tasked with carrying out.

Catch and release has been expanded because there are so many illegals being apprehended at the border we literally don’t have anywhere to put them.

“During Nielsen’s tenure as DHS secretary, illegal immigration has increased nearly every month over the last year and a half. Simultaneously, the Trump administration has yet to construct a border wall on new land at the southern border that did not previously have barriers built by the Bush and Obama administrations.”

Those two sentences alone are ample reason to fire her.

“Most recently, officials with the National ICE Council accused Nielsen of “grossly” mismanaging DHS and failing to acknowledge that the agency had been operating an expanded Catch and Release policy for border crossers and illegal aliens for months.

Sadly, Nielsen, like so many of Trump’s Cabinet Secretaries and White House officials, represented the enemy within: the swamp rats who have infested this Administration and have largely succeeded in steering it away from the MAGA Agenda and towards the Swamp Agenda of the past 30 years.

“As Breitbart News chronicled, Nielsen previously served in the Bush administration overseeing a crisis team following the destruction of New Orleans, Louisiana, by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The Bush administration had waved federal regulations to allow an unlimited level of illegal immigration into the Gulf Coast to take low-skill jobs rebuilding the region. Nielsen previously chaired a World Economic Forum committee that authored a report praising mass migration into Europe. For her confirmation process to DHS, Nielsen worked with an assortment of allies that worked vigorously in the 2016 presidential election to oppose Trump, including Frances Townsend and Tom Ridge.”

Again: the enemy within.

She had to go.

There is a consensus brewing among Trump supporters that Trump needs to nominate former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach to take over Homeland Security, and I agree: Kobach is one of the few (arguably the only) prominent American politicians out there that is genuinely an immigration hawk.

That’s not an exaggeration, either.

Of course, Kobach’s genuine desire to stop illegal immigration and cut down on equally harmful legal immigration as well will probably prevent him from being confirmed by the Senate if he were actually nominated.

You know the Uniparty Propaganda Media would work overtime digging into Kobach’s past to find something, anything he said that they can present, without context, in order to disqualify him. His nomination fight would be highly contentious because the Uniparty will sense the threat of an actual, genuine Trumpian nationalist gaining power.

If that fails, they’ll just fabricate a sexual misconduct allegation against him and that should give the Fake Republicans in the Senate (Romney, Collins, Murkowski) all the cover they need to join their Democratic colleagues to defeat Kobach’s nomination.

This is why the Swamp cannot be drained.

This is why Trump’s agenda has gone sideways.

The Swamp is simply too vast and powerful to be drained by one measly President.

Virtually every “viable candidate” for a high-level government post has risen through the ranks of the Uniparty over the past several decades. The Uniparty filters out those who would deviate from its dogmas and their careers never get very far.

The only way to rise in Washington is to fully submit to and support Uniparty Dogma.

This is where there is such a scarcity of genuine Trumpian Nationalists available for him to staff his Administration with.

The only reason Trump himself was able to become President is because he avoided the political world until he was 70 to run for the only national office that was directly elected by the American people. In other words, the Uniparty could only try to stop him by spreading fear and lies among the people. It had no direct way to stop him.

I’ve said it before but Trump could only have ever become President: he would never have made it through the Senate as a nominee for a Cabinet post. The Swamp would never have approved him.

But while Trump was able to get elected, the problem is he’s been forced to staff his administration with Uniparty Members and Swamp Loyalists, because they’re the only “qualified” candidates for the top jobs.

Let’s hope Trump nominates Kobach and gets him through the Senate.

It’s a long shot, but it’s basically our only hope to get the border under control.

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