Busting the Myth that We NEED Mass Immigration to “Fix” Our Declining Birthrate

This argument is often trotted out to argue for more immigrants:


On its face, however, the idea is nonsensical: if you’re concerned about falling birthrates, then why don’t you seek to promote higher birth rates among American citizens?

Why is the go-to “solution” to the “problem” always TONS AND TONS OF IMMIGRANTS?

Why is that always their first (and only) solution?

That’s how you know they have another agenda. If they actually cared about boosting the birthrate, they’d put forth policies that—stay with me here—actually boost the birthrate.

But they don’t. The “declining birth rates!!!” pseudo-hysteria is a sham. It’s a flimsy excuse to continue mass immigration, and it’s time to put it to bed.

Problem is, a lot of supposed “Market-Based Conservatives” have fallen for it, too. They seem to ignore the fact that Democrats exclusively benefit from immigration.

Don’t fall for the bullshit. Anyone pretending to be concerned about falling birthrates is just making an excuse to overrun this country with foreigners.

And who ever said a stagnant/declining population is a bad thing in and of itself?

First of all, population goes in cycles. Everything does. We’ll go through a period of booming populations, and then a period of shrinking populations.  No trend lasts forever. To say otherwise is myopic and small minded. It exposes a lack of historical awareness.

Fertility rates rise, fertility rates fall:


Look at Stage 5: the birth rate line is going back up. Things in this world go in cycles.

And has there ever been a documented case of a nation disappearing off the face of the earth because it simply stopped reproducing? Of course not.

Declining birthrates in the developed world are not part of some new phase in human history where we have stopped reproducing. It’s not the next step on the evolutionary ladder. People are still the same.

You want to increase birth rates? Enact a total and complete ban of online porn, which is rendering young men impotent at astonishing rates, and stop the illegal immigration, which keeps wages down.

People need to be financially stable to have children and settle down. It’s quite simple. But wages haven’t risen in decades, and most young people are broke. So they balk at the idea of starting a family.

And stop promoting “female empowerment,” for God’s sake. We live in a society where women are encouraged to forgo marriage and motherhood to saddle themselves with $100k in student debt so they can work soul-crushing jobs shuffling paper and making Power Points for multinational megacorporations, until they wake up in their mid-late 30s and lament the fact that they missed out on their prime fertility years.

What was it all for? So they could make $65k a year and have money to Buy Nice Stuff?

The reasons behind falling birthrates in the developed world are no mystery. But our political establishment has no interest in addressing these problems.

And these “economically-minded” Smart People fretting over the birthrate always point to Japan—Japan, Japan, Japan. If we don’t fix our falling population with Tons And Tons of Poor Immigrants, we’ll end up like Japan.

Japan has had a falling birthrate for years. Its population is has officially been in decline since 2011.

And yet, what’s so wrong with Japan?


I’ve been to Japan. Cernovich is correct. It’s very clean, very safe and has a strong culture. It’s a high-trust society with one of the lowest crime rates on earth.

This is what Japan looks like:


You could eat off that street. When I visited Tokyo, that’s what most streets looked like, too. But don’t believe your lying eyes: I guess Japan is actually a dystopian hellhole because its population is declining. The Economically-Minded Conservatives told me so.

Japan is safe, clean and culturally strong despite its falling population and notoriously strict immigration policies, which Smart Conservatives at Washington Think Tanks tell us are very bad things. Apparently Japan hasn’t gotten the memo.

Japan, due to its strict immigration laws, a homogeneous population with very few outsiders. That’s why it’s so clean and safe and has such high social trust.

Immigration would ruin Japan.

Its low birth rate and falling population haven’t had a material impact on the quality of life in Japan. It’s a very nice place to live with a high standard of living and one of the world’s highest GDPs per capita.

But mass immigration would ruin Japan, like it has ruined everywhere else.

The “solution” would end up being many times worse than the “problem.”

In fact, mass immigration to Japan would be a “solution” to a problem that doesn’t exist.

This myth that a booming population by any means is always good, and self-evidently so, must be dismantled.

Japan, a country Smart Economists point to as the “nightmare scenario” for falling populations, is in reality proof-positive that a falling population is nothing to fear.

“If we don’t boost immigration to increase our fertility rate, we’ll end up like Japan!”

You mean clean, safe and with a strong social fabric? Sign me up.

Ann Coulter had a good explanation for America:

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 11.39.06 PM.png

Undoubtedly the first option would be better.

In regards to our falling birthrate, we can either:

  1. Do nothing. Or:
  2. Institute pro-natal policies to increase the birthrate among American citizens who are already living here.

The idea that the only solution to our falling birthrate is to flood the country with poor foreigners is utterly ridiculous. And yet this is the consensus position of the political and cultural establishment.

The reason, of course, that they want to flood the country with foreigners is not that they are Super Concerned about the population decreasing.

It’s because they want to phase you out and replace you with new “Americans” that will vote overwhelmingly Democrat.


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