Why Revolution is Inevitable in America

If Trump can’t turn this country around, it guarantees a revolution at some point in the next 10-15 years.

What I mean is, if Trump cannot get control of the border, build the wall, deport the 30 million illegals, cut down legal immigration, reverse the demographic transformation and dispossession of white people, end the opioid crisis, restore American manufacturing and industry, stop the rape of our economy by foreign trade and outsourcing, address income inequality, break up the big tech monopolies and end Silicon Valley censorship of political dissidents, then this country is done.

Now, you’re probably thinking I listed so many problems that it would be a truly Herculean feat for Trump to fix them all. And that’s true. The man walked into a nearly impossible job. But there’s no way around it: America is in some very serious shit. There is a hell of lot wrong right now. And without addressing every last one of those problems, America is finished.

By “finished,” I don’t mean the country will cease to exist. I’m not saying America will be swallowed up by the sea like a modern Atlantis. I’m not saying the Bad People will storm the National Archives and set fire to the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

I’m saying the republic of free men known as the United States of America since 1776 will no longer exist, and “America” will instead refer to some dysfunctional, oppressive, “multicultural” hellhole.

That’s what I mean by “finished.” If Trump can’t solve all those problems listed above, then America is finished.

You might be able to live a somewhat normal American life if you have good money and if you build a wall around your neighborhood–or if you move out to a rural area away from society–but the America you grew up in will be dead and buried.

That’s what’s at stake. If Trump fails, America fails.

The larger point here is that if Trump can’t do ALL of those things, then they will never happen—at least not through the political system. If Trump can’t solve all the problems he was elected to solve, it will prove the system is too corrupted. It’s beyond saving. There is no reason to bother with politics and voting anymore: The Uniparty is simply too strong.

In other words, there will be no other option but revolution. The Uniparty is committed to enriching the rich by any means necessary, and the Uniparty has complete, untouchable control of the political system. Because it’s not that Trump simply changed his mind and no longer wants to solve any of those problems: it’s that the Uniparty will not allow him to solve our problems.

That’s the real problem that will eventually lead to revolution.

If Trump can’t prevail and implement the MAGA agenda as he described it in 2016, then it will mean the Uniparty is so pervasive, and its power so absolute, that it does not matter who we put in the White House: we will always get Uniparty policies.

That’s what’s at stake with the Trump presidency: the very existence of American democracy. Either we live in a country where the people decide what the government does, or we do not.

Because millions of Trump voters put the man in office to address all those problems listed above, yet the Uniparty political establishment simply will not allow him to carry out his voters’ wishes.

As it stands right now, the will of the people has been overruled by the Uniparty:

We voted for a wall >> the Uniparty doesn’t want a wall >> we don’t get a wall.

What, then, is the point of voting anymore if this is the case?

There is none.

And once voting becomes meaningless, then democracy itself becomes meaningless and revolution is inevitable.

And by inevitable, I mean unavoidable. Set in stone, locked in. A foregone conclusion.


I’m sorry to say it, but that’s what happens when the government stops upholding its end of the bargain in a democracy.

The agreement is this: we allow the politicians to hold power if they agree to give us what we voted for.

But now they no longer give us what we voted for.

I have to make this clear: I prefer democracy to revolt. I don’t want violence. I don’t want upheaval. I want a peaceful, harmonious, prosperous America more than anything.

I want Trump to be able to turn this country around through the traditional avenues of democracy. Again: I prefer democracy to revolt.

But while I prefer democracy to revolt, I prefer revolt to oligarchy. I would rather have a civil war than be ruled and oppressed by a corrupt oligarchy. I’m sure most of you would agree with that.

I just want what we voted for. But if the Uniparty refuses to let us have it, then what else are we supposed to do: Just roll over and allow the Uniparty to keep enriching itself while pushing the rest of the country further and further into oblivion?

The American people will never allow that.

If Trump fails to turn this country around, then that’s it.

The American people will then be faced with a choice: 1984 or Braveheart.

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