Reminder: Yellow Vests Take to the Streets in France for 22nd Straight Week

This is your periodic reminder that most Americans only “know” what the Uniparty Propaganda media allows them to know. Sadly, if it’s not on “the news,” then most Americans are completely ignorant to it. And they still believe themselves to be informed and free.

The US “media” stopped covering the Yellow Vests within a week of the first protests last November after it became clear the protests were against neoliberal globalism. No need to give oxygen to movements that threaten the power of the transnational elite.

Nevertheless, Act XII of the Gilets Jaunes movement is currently underway, despite the US “media’s” best efforts to pretend it isn’t:

“France’s Yellow Vest protesters took to the street on Saturday, for the 22nd consecutive Saturday of demonstrations. Tension rose in Toulouse as thousands gathered for the first time since a controversial anti-rioting law took effect on April 11.

Several hundred people had begun marching in Paris by 1pm on Saturday. Protests are also slated for Marseille, Grenoble, Lille and other cities.

On social media, Yellow Vest protesters in Toulouse were called on to keep up the fight against President Emmanuel “Macron and his world” and to “show that everything is just getting started after the results of the big debate”.

And this, right here, is why you don’t hear about the Yellow Vests anymore: because it’s a movement against Macron, the poster boy for elitist neoliberal globalism.

“Less than one hour after the start of the demonstration, clashes broke out when protesters threw stones at the police. The latter answered by firing tear gas.

Prime Minister Édouard Philippe on Monday presented the initial findings of a vast, nearly three-month-long public consultation known as the Grand Débat. Macron launched the initiative in January in response to the Yellow Vest unrest saying he “intend[ed] to transform violence into solutions”.

Which solutions? Certainly not solutions that have anything to do with the actual problems the Yellow Vests are so angry about.

No, the French government sees the Yellow Vests themselves as the problem:

“The new anti-rioting law, which was partially censured by the country’s Constitutional Council before taking effect and which has been condemned by dozens of organisations, makes it illegal to cover one’s face during demonstrations. It took effect on Thursday.

Wonder if this anti-face covering law applies to Muslims?

“Last week, “Act 21” of the protests drew 22,300 people into the streets, the Interior Ministry said, the lowest official figure since the demonstrations began in mid-November.”

That’s still a lot of people, though.

“Saturday’s showing is due to serve as merely a foretaste to larger demonstrations slated for April 20, with Macron expected to present his response to the nationwide debate in a speech in the interim.”

Good. Keep the pressure on.

This was last weekend:

And Macron’s crackdown on the protests has grown increasingly brutal:

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