Trump to Funnel Illegals to Sanctuary Cities, Democrats are. . . Opposed?

A brilliant plan:

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 10.48.41 AM.png

This is a plan that even Trump’s fiercest enemies could love. Because libs have told us the following about illegal immigrants:

  1. No human being is illegal.
  2. Borders are immoral and ours should be erased.
  3. Immigrants commit fewer crimes, work harder and are just all-around better people than Americans.
  4. No immigrant in the history of this country has ever been a net-negative for the American taxpayer as it pertains to welfare, healthcare or other government aid.
  5. Republicans and Republican-controlled places are extremely racist against brown immigrants and would mistreat them.
  6. We need to massively increase the flow of immigration because immigrants are so awesome.
  7. Diversity Is Our Strength™.

Democrats are going to love Trump’s plan. This is right up their alley. Now they get to show us all how compassionate and welcoming and loving and eager for Cultural Enrichment™ they are. I’m sure they will be ecstatic!

Wait a sec:

Sick and twisted? I really don’t understand why.

The Extremely Conservative™ David French of the formerly-great National Review:

Gavin Newsom:

“Journalist” Don Lemon:

“Punish”? Punish how?

He’s rewarding them with more of their cherished illegals!

Don’t Democrats want more immigrants around?

Don’t they want to enjoy the innumerable benefits of Diversity?

I thought the whole reason cities designate themselves as “Sanctuary Cities” is because they love illegal immigrants and want to be surrounded by them?

The only reason Democrats could possibly object to Trump’s plan to hand-deliver all the illegals right to heavily-Democratic areas is if some or all of the above Democratic claims about immigrants are actually lies.

But that can’t be true, can it?

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