New Rule: You Are No Longer Allowed to Criticize Democrats, At All, Ever, Because it Puts Their Lives in Danger

You may recall Somalian Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s recent remarks where she dismissed the 9/11 terrorist attacks that killed 3,000 people as “some people did something.” In response, President Trump tweeted this video out:

Almost immediately, fascist liberals seized on the video as an opportunity to ban anyone from criticizing them, on the grounds that doing so is an “incitement to violence.”

*Sissy limp-wristed NPC liberal soyboy voice*: “Thith ith an inthitement to violenth!”

These liberals are un-fucking-believable. They will never–can never–stop playing the victim. “Omar’s family is in danger because of Trump’s tweet!”

Get the hell outta here.

Democrat after Democrat repeated the same talking point that any criticism of a Democrat puts a Democrat’s life in danger, and so nobody is allowed to criticize Democrats anymore:

No one is “coming for you.” These people are so desperate to be oppressed.

These NPCs all repeat the exact same talking points.

Ilhan Omar is literally pro-Islamic Terrorism and somehow she’s the one whose life is at risk? Again: un-fucking-believable.

Here’s how it really is:

There is no incitement to violence whatsoever in Trump’s video. None. It’s just Ilhan Omar’s own words mixed in with footage of 9/11.

And big whoop if a Member of Congress gets death threats. Every Member of Congress gets death threats on a regular basis. Every public figure gets death threats. It comes with the territory. You’re not special or sympathetic if you’re a public figure who gets death threats. Just stop.

You want to see real incitement to violence? CBS, one of the largest media corporations in America, has a primetime show coming out literally encouraging violence against white people on the ground that they’re “Nazis”:

And of course there’s so many more examples:

One of the most enduring truths of American politics in 2019 is that whatever the left is accusing us of, you can be certain the left is guilty of that very same thing.

Every single time.

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