Who is This Man Spotted Walking Along the Notre Dame Cathedral Belltower During the Blaze?

Who is this man?

It’s impossible to tell, although at first glance it does appear to be a man with a long white robe, a white cap and a beard.

I paused the video at the point just before the man disappears behind a pillar:

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 11.42.49 AM.png

Some are saying it’s a firefighter in a high-visibility vest, and indeed the color here does look like it could be that high-visibility neon.

But that still doesn’t explain why it looks like he’s wearing a robe.

People responding to the video said the man was a firefighter, but pictures of the firefighters on the scene show none are wearing what that man was wearing:


The firefighters were wearing either red or black.

I did come across this image of men in neon vests with white helmets and black sleeves:


I would say the most likely explanation for the man in the video above is that he is one of these guys in this picture. You have the white cap, the neon vest and the black sleeves. If you go back and watch the video after seeing this image above, it makes more sense.

The main point here is not to peddle “conspiracy theories” but to simply entertain all possibilities, because we cannot trust our “media” to do so.

Bottom line:

  1. The fact that over 850 churches in France were vandalized last year, and the fact that Paris’s second largest Catholic Church was burned by an arsonist last month, and the fact that this is the holiest week in the Catholic calendar, makes terrorism not only the prime suspect, but the most logical suspect.
  2. We will never get the truth from the Macron government or the “media.”
  3. The “official story” that this was an accident related to the ongoing renovations could well turn out to be true, but it’s still strange that there’s an effort to viciously attack and demonize anyone skeptical of the “official” story. Obviously the goal is to discourage anyone from challenging the “official” story for fear they’ll be socially punished.
  4. Even if the man in the video is with the fire department, it still does not rule out the possibility of arson/terrorism. The video was taken well after the blaze commenced and firefighters were already on the scene. It’s unlikely the man who set the fire would still be wandering around in the cathedral that long afterwards.

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