Why Revolution is Inevitable in America, Part II

Recently I wrote a piece on this site entitled, “Why Revolution is Inevitable in America.” It focused on the long-term political problems destroying America that the Uniparty Political Establishment simply will not allow President Donald Trump to address.

This one will focus on the long-term demographic transformation underway that will also contribute to a revolution.


Another reason there will be revolution: white America’s fate is tied to Donald Trump’s success. Building the wall is about more than stopping drugs and crime: it’s about stopping the demographic transformation of this country. If the Uniparty prevents Donald Trump from building the wall, ending chain migration, ending anchor baby policies, and ending the diversity lottery, then it will mean white Americans are destined to be demographically overrun.

Right now, the Uniparty is winning. Trump is losing badly on immigration.

And so another reason revolution is inevitable is that white Americans will not go quietly into the night. They just won’t. They won’t sit back and do nothing about their dispossession as a race. Some might, but already the increasing level of hostility towards whites in American culture–media, entertainment, education, in the workplace, and in daily life–has had the effect awakening white racial consciousness in a way not seen since the 1960s.

But unlike the 1960s, today there’s much more at stake: the prospect of a nonwhite majority America was not looming at the height of the Civil Rights movement. White Americans in 2019 face a unique, unprecedented, and probably existential threat. And each day more are realizing it.

This is why white people won’t go quietly into the night. The Republican Party may have changed and reoriented itself significantly with the ascendance of Trump in 2016, but there are still massive changes to come, most significantly the shift to an explicitly white identity politics party. The stigma around white identity politics will dissolve as more and more white people simply stop giving a fuck if they’re called racist for pursuing their own interests as a people (just as every other ethnic group in this country does.)

When the phrase “it’s okay to be white” is denounced as racism, that’s when lots of white people will say, “You know what? I’ve had it. Fuck this. I tried to be understanding and tolerant, I tried to ‘check my privilege,’ but now I see what’s really going on: it’s not about respect, it’s not about equality; it’s about destroying us. They want to destroy us AND forbid us from even mentioning or noticing what’s going on. We’re not even allowed to speak out against our own dispossession. Fuck this. I no longer care if you call me a racist, because it’s been in bad faith the whole time.”

And in case you’re wondering, the phrase “It’s okay to be white” is already considered racist and forbidden:


To make matters worse, it is a white woman enforcing the anti-whiteness. It’s sad to see how many white women are Woke™, anti-white zealots, but it’s purely a result of brainwashing. Uniparty propagandists in the media and Hollywood have exploited white women’s innate desire to virtue signal and be socially accepted to turn them against their own race. As a commenter on Heartiste put it:

“Of all the crimes the foe has inflicted on us, turning white females into our class enemies was the most unforgivable.”

But this is a whole ‘nother can of worms we’ll save for a separate post in the future.

Eventually the GOP will have to become the White Party. It’s unavoidable. I’m not saying I want this to happen; I’m saying it’s inevitable. I don’t want our nation to descend into a racial civil war, just as I don’t want our nation to devolve into a revolt against an undemocratic oligarchy, but that is the situation we find ourselves approaching.

This article–like last week’s–is not a wish list. It’s a prediction.

The GOP elites can only deny the demands of the party base for so long before there is a revolt, which is exactly what we saw with Trump in 2016. The GOP Establishment had gotten so out of touch with the base that the base finally said enough’s enough and nominated Trump, who actually understood what the party base wanted.

Eventually Republican voters will replace the globalist Uniparty quislings currently “representing” them in Congress in favor of politicians who are not afraid of embracing the white identity politics label. It is inevitable: if it’s what the party base wants, it will happen sooner or later.

The next step in the evolution (or devolution, because a nation moving from ideology to identity-based politics is devolving) of the GOP is its becoming the explicitly white party.

This does not mean the Nazi Party, this does not mean the Skinhead party (although those groups will have a small presence by mere virtue of their existence: they’re certainly not going to join the anti-white party, the Democrats). The vast majority of white Americans are not Nazis, nor will they ever be.

They will simply demand a party that fights for the interests of the white race, just as the Democrats fight for nonwhite interests.

You can be pro-white without being a Nazi. This should be obviously true but the media has spent a great deal of time and effort conflating Hitlerism (i.e. genocidal racism) with being pro-white, and many Americans have been brainwashed into believing anything but racial self-loathing in a white person is tantamount to literal Hitlerism.

Even the disinterested will be sucked into the fight. Even the whites that aren’t pro-white but merely neutral-white will be forced to choose a side: pro-white or anti-white?

To give an example of what I mean about the GOP becoming the White Party, take the matter of demographic transformation: the Democrats are committed to turning America into a majority-nonwhite nation in the near future. As the white party, the GOP will simply formally oppose this. They will oppose the decrease in the white percentage of America’s population, and support its increase. It’s that simple.

Democrats will push for more and more foreign immigration, Republicans will push for less and less. It will simply be a struggle to shape the demographics of America.

It’s not about extermination or concentration camps. The pro-nonwhite Democrats are working to decrease the white population without any death camps; there’s no reason to believe the pro-white GOP would push to decrease the nonwhite population with death camps. Again, this idea that white identity politics = Literal Hitlerism is a myth ingrained in people’s brains by the media. It’s untrue.

White identity politics is no more–or less–dangerous to nonwhite people than nonwhite identity politics is to white people.

Is there a way to avoid a racial revolution/civil war? I don’t think so.

You can’t convince nonwhite people to support Trump because our politics has become replaced by racial tribalism. No sane white person would vote for the Democrats because the Democrats are committed to the destruction of the white race.

But while Trump and Republicans are obviously nowhere near committed to the destruction of nonwhite people, if the Republican Party does eventually become a vehicle for white identity politics—the antithesis to the Democratic Party being a vehicle for nonwhite identity politics—then it will be virtually impossible to convince nonwhites to vote Republican, with the exception of black people (more on this later). We’re mainly talking about Hispanics and post-1965 immigrant groups.

The main case for why white people should vote for Trump is simple: “Do you want to become a minority in your own country or not?” Those are the stakes. But you cannot make this appeal to minorities.

You can try telling them about all the good economic developments for nonwhites under Trump (record-low unemployment for Hispanics, women and blacks, etc.) but they’re not going to really care. You can tell them Trump is against endless foreign wars, wants to secure peace with North Korea, rebuild our relationship with Russia to the point it was prior to the Soviet Union, and wants to end China’s dominance of us in trade. They’re not going to care. That stuff will not sway nonwhites to support Trump. It just won’t.

Our politics is not about economics, or even “political issues” in the traditional sense, anymore. It’s about identity.

At the end of the day, no matter how great a president Trump is for trade, foreign policy and the economy, it will all be overshadowed by the racial question: “Is he one of us?”

And to nonwhites the answer is no. And so Trump will never win them over in serious numbers.

Voting Democrat has become an integral part of being nonwhite in America, because being nonwhite has become an integral part of being a Democrat in America. Nonwhites would feel like race traitors voting for Trump. There’s no logical or political case I could make to them that would change that.

The nonwhite vs. white mindset now overrides everything in politics. Nonwhites believe (totally falsely, of course) that Trump is on a mission to do one thing and one thing only: destroy nonwhites. And if they vote for him, they will be contributing to the destruction of their race.

Again, obviously this is not true. But most nonwhites believe it. Their dislike of Trump is rooted in the fact that they believe he is a racist and is out to get them.

The media, academia, pop culture and lying Democratic politicians have done this. They are the ones that have fostered and promoted racial identity politics by convincing nonwhites they’re under attack.

There is no undoing it. It’s futile to try to undo this mass brainwashing and move America to a colorblind society. The horse has already left the barn.

The only thing we can do is acknowledge that the ruling elites have turned this country into a hotbed of racial tribalism and animosity, and behave accordingly.

If the future of America is to be defined by racial struggle, white people have two options:

  1. Fight back
  2. Surrender

There is no third option for “everyone realizes racism is stupid and we all decide to be colorblind, and only quarrel over ideological political issues.” The Uniparty elite has already taken us past the point of no return. Racial grievances and resentment among nonwhites have already been whipped up to such an extent that it is too late to undo it.

And so the question is, now that the media/Uniparty Establishment has all but guaranteed America’s future will be a racial struggle, are whites actually going to take their own side in it? Or will they just surrender and hope for mercy once they become a minority?

Just as with the struggle of the American People vs. the Uniparty, the racial struggle for white people in America has only two outcomes: fight back or be destroyed.

I can’t see how it doesn’t lead to a revolution.


I guess one way to possibly win over nonwhites is to ask them if they truly understand what it means to live a country without a white majority.

I mean just look around the world: where is there a country with a nonwhite majority where you’d actually like to live? If white people are so horrible, then why have nonwhites been flocking to white countries (i.e. America, Canada, Western Europe, Australia) for the past few decades by the millions?

Why does everybody in nonwhite-majority countries want to leave and move to a white-majority country?

It’s because white countries are the best places to live. They just are. This is an objective fact. It’s not my opinion.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at the results of this Gallup poll, which asked adults around the world if they want to leave their home country, and if so, where they would prefer to go. 150 million people around the world want to move to America:

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 2.29.11 PM.png

Of the over 640 million people worldwide that want to leave their home country, over half want to move to either America, Canada, Australia or Western Europe–all historically white nations built by white people.

(The only nonwhite country I could see being a nice place to live is Japan, but the Japanese do not view immigration like we do in the West. They do not believe in multiculturalism and they do not see diversity as a strength. They will never accept an outsider as one of them. You can become American, but you cannot become Japanese. So the option of immigrating to Japan is basically off the table.)

If this nation becomes majority nonwhite, it will become just like the nonwhite countries around the world: poor, dangerous, corrupt and miserable.

White countries are the best places to live. I’m sorry but it’s obviously and undeniably true. It’s an objective fact. It’s an observation, not an opinion. Even nonwhite people agree based on their migration patterns.

If you take away what made this country great, it will no longer be great. That’s just a fact. You can pretend that America’s greatness has nothing to do with it being a white country, but eventually, you’ll realize you were wrong.

In this sense, nonwhite immigrants who are already here should be for more restrictive immigration policies. They should want to keep this country great.

They should want to basically shut the door behind them when they come here, because too many immigrants will ruin it for everyone. They will soon find all the things they came here to escape have followed them.

You cannot completely transform America’s demographics and expect the nation itself to not completely transform as well.

Am I saying immigrants and minorities should want to remain minorities, and want this country to remain a predominantly white country? Absolutely.

Problem is, they’ll never go for this argument.

As for convincing black Americans to oppose demographic transformation, I guess you can ask them if they truly think they’ll be better off when this nation is 35-40% Hispanic.

While the media treats all nonwhite races as one and the same, in reality blacks and Hispanics don’t see themselves as the same. Many black Americans will tell you they’re fed up with the Democratic Party prioritizing illegal immigrants over poor blacks. And Hispanic gangs in LA have been “ethnically cleansing” blacks for decades, although you’ll never hear about it in the media.

This is not to say whites have historically treated blacks well, of course. America’s history between blacks and whites is widely known. But black people are as much a part of this country’s racial identity as white people are. It took a while for things to get sorted out, but American history has shown that black and white people can share a nation.

Yes it has been a rough road, but in the past 50 years, remarkable racial progress has been made in this country. For Pete’s sake, a nation that was at the time over 65% white and only 12% black elected a black president.

Black Americans could have gone back to Africa after slavery was over. They could have left whitey behind. But they didn’t. In fact, there was a “Back to Africa” movement organized by Marcus Garvey around the turn of the century, and it was a total dud.

As bad as life historically was for Black Americans, they never wanted to leave majority-white America, and things have consistently gotten better over time.

Even though things have appeared to get worse between blacks and whites since Ferguson in 2014, that’s largely a result of media propaganda designed specifically to turn blacks against whites.

So I guess the pitch for black Americans to support the “white party” would simply be: do you think Hispanics will treat you better or worse than whites do?

In other words, is it truly in black Americans’ interests to swamp the white majority with poor immigrants from Latin America and Asia?

If black Americans’ only goal is to destroy whitey, then by all means, keep on voting for Democrats.

But how will destroying whitey actually benefit blacks? How will making this country more like Latin America and less like America benefit blacks?

That’s something they ought to ask themselves.

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