Webcam Video Shows Man on top of Notre Dame Cathedral Cause Large Flash Before Fire Broke Out

Not sure what to make of this:

There appears to be at least one man on the roof, possibly two (off to the left of the man who causes the flash).

I’m not sure what’s going on here and I have a few questions:

  • At precisely what time was this video taken?
  • How long after this man was seen making a flash did the fire break out?
  • Can we see a longer version that would possibly show that this man did, in fact, cause the fire?
  • Were there construction workers on the job at the time this video was taken? In other words, could this simply be a welder?

I don’t expect we’ll get any answers here, especially because “authorities” have already long since declared the fire was an accident.

We do know that the fire primarily damaged the roof of the Cathedral. Interior shots show that the altar and inside of the Church were relatively unharmed:




It looks like the damage to the inside of the church was mainly caused by burning timbers from the roof falling to the ground.

I’m no fire/arson specialist but it appears the blaze began and spread on the roof, rather than on the inside/ground floor.

I guess from the perspective of an arsonist, you’d want to set the fire on the roof of the church because it’d be tougher to put out. If the fire was inside the church on the ground level, it would be easier to come in and put it out.

Regardless of what was actually going on in that video, I still find it incredibly difficult to believe one of the most iconic and important Catholic Cathedrals in the world went up in flames during the holiest week of the Catholic year entirely by accident.

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