Yes, White Liberals Are Brainwashed to Be Anti-White, But. . .

. . .There comes a time in the life of every brainwashed person where reality collides with their fantasy world and they can no longer persist in their delusions.

I usually try to keep quotations from other articles as brief and to-the-point as possible, but I had to quote this one by Patrick McDermott at great length. It’s very good. The whole premise is that sooner or later, white liberals will wake up and realize the error of their ways simply because the reality of “diversity” will collide head-on with their fantasy world and scare them straight.

The author begins by discussing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: towards the bottom are basic, essential and primitive needs like food, water and shelter. Then comes safety and security, followed by love, intimate friendships and belonging; then self-esteem and prestige derived from accomplishments and recognition; and finally self-actualization, which essentially means becoming the best possible version of yourself.

McDermott says that white liberals believe what they believe because it provides them with the higher parts of Maslow’s hierarchy, namely belonging and self-esteem. They feel good about themselves for holding the Morally Righteous Views (as determined by the media and cultural elites), and being liberal is also the easiest way to be accepted and included in American society–you will face no discrimination, no physical threats, no potential loss of employment, no ostracization. You are on the Right Side of History™.

It will only be when white liberals no longer feel safe in this country that they will cease caring about fitting in and feeling good about themselves. Importantly, it will not be (and must not be) right-wing revolutionaries who will make these liberals feel physically unsafe through acts of terror, but in fact the third-world immigrants white liberals rolled out the red carpet for and eagerly encouraged to take over this country:

“Most white liberals will not be convinced by rational arguments, no matter how strong or well-supported those arguments may be. They will only be convinced by threats to their basic safety. This, in turn, points to the real barrier: Most white liberals do not feel threatened.

Most of them do not see a civilization that is crumbling around them or a brewing threat on the horizon. They see a thriving economy and a skyrocketing stock market. Yes, race relations are not perfect, but they think those problems will sort themselves out as soon as we solve the challenge of poverty and get rid of Donald Trump. Immigration is beneficial. There are no meaningful differences between people. Trump voters are just suffering from irrational phobias and “white anxiety.” Times are good. What on earth is there to be afraid of?”

White liberals believe all is well and that mass immigration from the third world can continue apace; nothing has changed in their lives, and in fact their lives are better because of all the robust foreign cuisine options now available in their upscale, coastal urban neighborhoods.

White liberals have been brainwashed to believe “Diversity is our strength,” that it will be a good thing when whites are minority in America, that the white race’s history is one of only evil, and that they benefit from “white privilege” and must feel eternally guilty for it.

They haven’t yet experienced the downsides of immigration the way many less affluent whites have. They haven’t had to compete with illegals for jobs. They haven’t been in a hit-and-run car accident with an illegal. They’ve never had a loved one killed by an illegal immigrant.

They haven’t experienced the decrease in the quality of their lives due to “diversity” and mass immigration that so many others have. They don’t know what it’s like to gradually feel more and more unsafe–and out-of-place–in an area they’ve lived their entire lives.

But they inevitably will–in fact, some are already starting to.

Example: At the old site, I wrote last summer that Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s victory in the NY-14 Democratic Congressional Primary race over longtime Rep. Joe Crowley (a 50-something white guy) was a loud and clear warning to the white liberals that have run the Democratic Party for five decades-plus: your time is up. The immigrants’ time is now. You no longer run this party.

White Democrats favor endless immigration because immigrants vote overwhelmingly for white Democrats. But the white Democrats never thought the day would come when those immigrants would actually want to hold positions of power, and that this would come at the expense of the white Democrats holding those positions of power. Ocasio-Cortez’s victory over white male Democrat Joe Crowley in NY-14 was the moment it began to dawn on white Democrats: this whole mass immigration thing may not work out so well for us.

Joe Crowley himself realized what was happening: during the campaign against Cortez, he complained that he “couldn’t help that he was born white.” He knew exactly what was going on: his district, majority-white in the 1990s when he was elected, had become more and more “diverse” over the past two decades, and he, Crowley, had become a relic of the past, out of place in his own district. His new nonwhite constituents had no interest in being “represented” by a white guy who had nothing in common with them.

In other words, brown districts don’t want to be represented by white politicians. It has come as a great shock to many a white Democrat that their newly-imported nonwhite constituents don’t want to be ruled by rich white people. The voters of NY-14 looked at Joe Crowley and said, “Why do we need to keep this white guy around?” Ocasio-Cortez’s slogan during the campaign was “It’s time for one of us.”

This is what “bursting the white liberal bubble” means: it means making white liberals bear the full brunt of “diversity” and experience it the way millions of downscale white Americans already have.

It means making white liberals truly understand what diversity means.

“For the average white liberal, strident anti-immigration positions are not just racist, but pointlessly so. According to one poll, 73 percent of Hillary Clinton’s white voters reportedly thought it was racist for white Americans to even have an opinion on immigration.

The sad reality is that few people who are living in a bubble are able to see it until it pops. The rare iconoclasts who are right too soon are usually viewed as social outcasts and misfits.”

Translation: us.

“The liberal bubble is about to pop, however. The signs are all around us. The coming awakening of white liberals, which in the United States will probably occur over the next decade, will be primarily due to five factors. The first, instinctual ethnocentrism, affects humans and animals alike and is present in babies. Although such ethnocentrism is not new, it remains centrally important and provides a baseline for the other factors.

The second is growing direct contact with minorities, which will only increase as the nation continues to change over time. Some academics argue that such contact can improve race relations, but other research has shown that the negative effects are stronger. Ongoing white flight in neighborhoods and schools provides the most definitive answer on this question.

A third factor is growing cultural threat. Unlike direct contact, which is lessened by white flight, there is no escaping mass culture. As was noted in a recent Vox article, White Threat in a Browning America:

‘We live in an America where television programs, commercials, and movies are trying to represent a browner country; where Black Panther is a celebrated cultural event and #OscarsSoWhite is a nationally known hashtag; where NFL players kneel during the national anthem to protest police brutality and pressing 1 for English is commonplace.’

This unavoidable onslaught is a constant reminder to America’s white population that their nation is changing. Research has shown that such messages make them more conservative, view minorities less positively, and feel more attachment to other whites.”

The less white America becomes, the more racially conscious whites will grow. As they begin to feel more and more out-of-place, they will begin to vote accordingly.

“A fourth factor is the growth of explicitly anti-white rhetoric. The idea that “whiteness” is inherently evil and should be abolished originated in academia, but now it is seeping into our broader culture and political discourse. Treating people equally and with decency regardless of their race was once sufficient to avoid the racist label, but now it elicits charges of color-blind racism and implicit bias. Unsurprisingly, research has found that accusations of white privilege can make people feel defensive and resentful. Even white allies are not immune. Black Lives Matter demonstrators protested Bernie Sanders’ candidacy. White feminists were blamed for Trump’s election and criticized for their “white supremacy in heels.”

This one was the most interesting for me:

“The fifth factor, political threat, may be the most important because, unlike the others, it cannot be avoided or ignored. The principal source of this threat is the nation’s changing demographics, which are empowering minorities and shifting the Democratic Party sharply to the left. The effects of this change have been evident in elections throughout the nation this year. These have included the well-publicized primary victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York, Andrew Gillum in Florida’s Democratic gubernatorial primary, and Stacey Abrams in the Georgia Democratic gubernatorial primary, as well as victories for lesser known candidates in governors’ races in TexasArizonaNew Mexico, and Maryland.

While many of these candidates lost last November, they are paving the way for likely victories down the road as more states become majority-minority in the lead up to 2045, when the nation as a whole will reach that milestone. These changes, most of which are concentrated in the Democratic Party, can also be expected to shift future Democratic presidential nominees further left.

In other words, future Democratic nominees will be so far to the left they’ll make Hillary, Biden, Obama, John Kerry and Al Gore look like conservatives in comparison. This will scare many white liberals away.

“The reaction of white voters to such hard-left ideological swings is well-established. Two of the most left-leaning presidential nominees in modern history, George McGovern and Walter Mondale, were trounced at the polls. More recently, moderate Republican gubernatorial candidates have a solid track record of defeating far-left Democrats in deep blue states. What accounts for this? Many white liberals, particularly those with high household incomes, are not as far left as they think.”

Examples: Mitt Romney and Charlie Baker in Massachusetts, Larry Hogan in Maryland, Phil Scott in Vermont–these are the main recent examples of Republicans being seemingly inexplicably elected governor in deep-blue states.

“White liberals may not feel threatened by the left today, particularly with Republicans controlling Congress and Trump dominating the news on a daily basis, but that will change in the coming decade. As the nation changes, the mainstream media and social media companies may try to clamp down on opposing views, but they are unlikely to repress the emerging voices of the far left, who will do far more to open the eyes of white liberals than conservatives ever could. They are our unwitting allies.”

Useful idiot” was once a term applied by communists to their supporters in the West, but the concept is still applicable today. Every day that someone kneels during the national anthem, calls for abolishing whiteness, or attacks another cherished Western tradition for its roots in “white supremacy” or “institutional racism” is another day that more white people will wake up to the growing threat.

I’ll admit that I never looked at it this way; I never looked at the anthem kneeling and neverending Racism Witch Hunt as potential Red Pill Moments for normal/liberal white people. I just kind of assumed people who were already red-pilled would react negatively and people who were blue-pilled would react exactly the way the media had trained them to react.

But this author is saying that when a Somali Muslim like Ilhan Omar dismisses 9/11 and the 3,000 people killed by Islamic terrorists that day as “some people did something,” that this actually has the effect of Red Pilling previously brainwashed white people. They might see Omar’s remarks and think to themselves, “Wow, I’m all for inclusion and diversity, but I never thought it would result in this shit.”

In other words, the author Patrick McDermott is saying the radical, anti-white “New Left” will inevitably alienate its self-hating, virtue-signaling white allies simply by doing exactly what it is presently doing. White liberals will eventually realize that when nonwhite activists say, “Abolish white people,” they don’t just mean white people in Alabama; they mean white liberals in New York City, too.

So the positive takeaway is that it is inevitable that white liberals will soon experience real diversity as many other white Americans have, and that once this happens, white liberals will undergo major changes in their worldviews and voting patterns out of necessity–their survival instincts will kick in.

But the negative takeaway is that our country might already be too far gone by the time this happens.

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