Islamists Bomb Multiple Christian Churches in Sri Lanka on Easter, Killing 300; US Media Disgraces Itself

In Sri Lanka yesterday, Islamic terrorists bombed multiple Christian churches during Easter Sunday mass, killing nearly 300 and injuring over 500:

“The death toll in Sri Lanka has soared to 290 after a wave of blasts hit churches and luxury hotels across the country on Sunday.

Police said 24 people had been arrested, but it is not yet known who carried out the attacks.

About 500 people are injured and at least 35 foreigners are among the dead.

The Easter Sunday bombings were the deadliest violence Sri Lanka has witnessed since the end of the country’s civil war in 2009.

A local Islamist group known as National Thowheed Jamath is believed to be behind the attack, said cabinet spokeman Rajitha Senaratne.”

The attacks were not all in one place. They were coordinated and carried out at the same time at multiple sites in the small island nation:


I’m sure we need to wait for a motivation here, because when it’s Islamic Terrorism, the Uniparty “media” demands we wait as long as possible to declare it so.

Christians represent a small minority of the population of Sri Lanka, only about 1.5 million in the nation of 21 million. This is what life is like for Christians all around the world.

US Democrats responded to the anti-Christian terrorist attacks rather oddly. It appears there was a coordinated effort to avoid using the term “Christians” to refer to the victims of the Islamic terrorist attacks.

Instead, prominent Democrats used the term “Easter worshippers” for some reason.

Here’s Devout Christian™ Barack Obama dancing around identifying the victims as Christians:


And Hillary Clinton using the same terminology:


Julian Castro, who is apparently running for President:


The DNC must’ve sent out a memo instructing Democratic politicians to use the phrase “Easter worshippers” instead of “Christians.”

Wouldn’t want to indulge the idea that Christians anywhere on this planet are in any way, shape or forms victims of anything!

Wait a sec. It appears ABC News also got that memo:


It’s almost as if there’s no daylight whatsoever between Democratic Politicians and the US “mainstream media.”

Why did Obama and Clinton refuse to use the word “Christians” to identify the victims in Sri Lanka when they had no problem using the term “Muslims” to correctly identify the victims of the New Zealand Mosque massacre?

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 7.22.19 PM.png

Hillary Clinton was even more outspoken than Obama about New Zealand:


“White supremacist terrorists must be condemned by leaders everywhere. Their murderous hatred must be stopped,” says Hillary. Why didn’t she say the same thing about the murderous hatred of Islamic terrorists?

Awfully curious.

And now for the Final Boss of Uniparty Propaganda in regards to the Easter Sunday bombings:


Yes, how dare Western Christians (WaPo calls us “far right”) be angry about 290 Christians being massacred by Islamists on Easter Sunday.

That’s the real story!

Ace of Spades had a great take:

“The pace of this game has accelerated. It used to be that the media would spend a day or two at least noticing that Islamists had murdered a bunch of people again before claiming The Real Crime is any possible hypothetical speculative future side-eye a woman in a hijab might get at Wal-Mart.

Now, they start claiming that Muslims Are the Real Victims here while they’re still gathering up the limbs sheered off of the victims.”


  1. Your commentary on the shameful and disrespectful manner in which the Obama’s, Hillary Clinton, as well as the main-stream media, treated the bombing and horrific murder of innocent “Christians” in Sri Lanka worshipping our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, on Easter Sunday, is well received. This is but another example of those who harbor political and secular agendas in their attempt to eradicate Christianity entirely from society. We “Christians ” must stand strong, never bowing down, nor catering to such oppression, for in doing so, we serve to strengthen their cause, placing our fundamental religious beliefs and freedom to worship the one true God in dire jeopardy. Stand strong, never lose your faith, and pray exceedingly.

    Blessings unto you all, in the precious name of Jesus. Amen.

    Brother Bill King
    Pastor, Disciples of Christ

    1. Austin Frank says:

      Thanks, Bill. Appreciate your kind words.

    2. Austin Frank says:

      And I agree with everything!

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