Eric Swalwell Agonizes Over Constitution Not Using Word “Woman,” Doesn’t Realize Constitution Never Even Uses Word “Man”

This might be the cringiest thing you see all day:


Eric Swalwell wants everyone to know that he’s so pissed off that the Constitution doesn’t include the word “woman.”

This is him thinking about the the Constitution not including the word “woman”:


Because he just cares about women so much–and wants everyone to know it.

Please support his campaign for President with a recurring donation of $50 each month. Because he Supports Women.

Wait a sec. I’m getting word that not only is Eric Swalwell a phony virtue signaling douchebag, but he’s also a complete moron as well:

The Constitution uses the word “woman” zero times and Eric Swalwell is despondent.

But the Constitution also uses the word “man” zero times.

No word from Eric Swalwell on whether that, too, is “unacceptable.”

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