Maybe Democrats Don’t Despise White Men After All. . .

Joe Biden’s surge to the top of the pack in the Democratic Presidential Primary has made me realize something: Twitter is not real life.

What I mean is, while most Twitter leftists are full-on anti-white, and while the Uniparty establishment is in full-on white genocide mode, most regular Democrats are not thinking about race 24/7 and are not fixated on hating white people.

The Democratic voters have not gone full anti-white. They just haven’t. Joe Biden is running away with their primary.

And in second place? Bernie Sanders. Another old white guy.

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The most recent polling has Biden and Sanders combining for over 50% of the primary vote. That doesn’t seem like a Nonwhite Nationalist party that despises white men and wants them wiped off the face of the earth.

Many of us came to believe—given the rise of Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Black Lives Matter, and all the others—that the Democratic Party had become almost overnight a party for and by nonwhites, and explicitly against whites.

But maybe this is not entirely the case when it comes to the voters.

I myself was quite wrong about this. On the old site I wrote a piece that predicted John Kerry in 2004 would ultimately prove to be the last ever White Male to win the Democratic Presidential nomination.

It’s very, very early in the 2020 cycle, but that now looks to be wrong. Joe Biden has a commanding lead.

A major caveat is that Biden’s success is due almost entirely to his association with The First Black President Barack Obama, who is still the most popular Democrat in America by a wide margin.

We know Biden’s popularity is entirety due to Obama because Biden ran for President twice before, most recently in 2008, and his campaign was over very quickly. He got almost no traction and was out of the race after the Iowa Caucus.

It was only after Biden was Obama’s VP that Biden became a popular figure in the Democratic Party. That’s the only reason Biden is in the lead today.

So you might say the only reason the Democrats are preparing to nominate an old white guy is because of his association with Barack Obama, but how does that explain Bernie Sanders’ popularity?

You could say respond that it’s extremely early in the election cycle (by this point in the 2016 cycle, i.e. May 2015, Donald Trump hadn’t even announced his candidacy) and that at this early stage, the candidates with name-brand recognition do the best since voters are more likely to get behind a familiar face and name.

In other words, at this early stage, voters are familiar with Biden and Bernie, and not familiar with the other names (Booker, Warren, Harris, etc.) so just give it time.

And this is an entirely fair point. Early in the primaries, the media gives the different candidates their moments in the sun. Beto had a moment. Buttgieg had a moment. That was all media generated. Both guys’ recent bouts of success were products of increased media attention; it wasn’t the other way around.

The media likes to play God, knowing that it can make candidates rise and fall in the polls simply by covering one more obsessively than the others. And so when the media starts pumping up the other candidates like Booker, Harris and Warren, it’s possible that one of them vaults into the lead.

And perhaps Biden falters as he’s exposed to more attacks from both his Democratic rivals and Trump. Remember, Hillary was extremely popular before she started running for President in 2016. Then, once she was back in the political fray, her popularity numbers plummeted back down to earth, and then some.

In politics, absence makes the heart grow fonder: we think more positively of those candidates we haven’t seen or heard from in a while. But once they pop back up, they remind us again of all the things we didn’t like about them. Perhaps this will be the case with Joe Biden, who has only just joined the race after enjoying his retirement for the past two years. It’s highly possible (in fact even probable) that once the “old” Biden comes back–the Biden everyone knows and is used to–then he will falter.

But all that still doesn’t negate the fact that right now, over 50% of Democratic voters are supporting old white guys. Whether or not those voters flip their support to some other candidate down the road doesn’t matter: it matters that they’re willing to support the white candidate at all.

This is good news. It shows that this country is not, in fact, on the brink of a race war and that racial tensions in America are not nearly as high as they seem on Twitter.

Yes, Hollywood, Academia, Big Business and Washington despise white males and are on a mission to destroy the white race in America. No, you are not hallucinating when you see all those leftists and blue checks like Sarah Jeong on Twitter spouting blatantly anti-white racism and even explicitly calling for the murder of white people.

But just because the elite hates white people doesn’t mean the masses do.

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